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Daa 3000 - 90 capsules

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DAA 3000 by IO.Genix is ​​a powerful and effective nutritional supplement of the highest quality. It is made of a significant dose of D-aspartic acid, an incredible natural component with a great stimulating effect that significantly increases the production and secretion of testosterone, improving shape effective musculature and strength.

      Get the muscles you want thanks to DAA 3000 by IO.Genix, a product that will give you the strength and the power you need to achieve your goals in an efficient way.

      The prestigious brand IO.Genix has formulated this fantastic supplement with excellent properties not included in another similar one. It is mainly made to effectively stimulate fat-free muscle growth, thus increasing the strength you need to have a better performance in your daily intense workouts. It has a great dose of the highest quality D-aspartic acid that will helps to increase testosterone levels naturally and safely, thus providing significant benefits to physical performance, which in turn will help you reach your goals more quickly and effective. This nutrient also supports the functioning of the nervous system, working as a neurotransmitter and also helps you to increase sexual potency.

      Essentials of DAA 3000 by IO.Genix 

      • It increases physical performance
      • It has a great stimulating effect
      • It increases the production and secretion of testosterone
      • It improves muscle and strength
      • It stimulates fat-free muscle growth
      • It supports the functioning of the nervous system
      • It helps you to increase sexual potency
      • It improves athletic performance
      • It provides 100% pure D-Aspartic Acid

      What does the DAA 3000 contribute?

      This wonderful supplement in capsules has an excellent absorption providing its benefits with superior effectiveness. It is a product that provides completely pure D-aspartic acid of natural origin that guarantees its proven high quality.

      Content in a dose (3 capsules):

      • It contains 3000 mg of D-Aspartic Acid

      What is the DAA 3000 by IO.Genix taken for?

      Its special and super powerful formula makes it a unique supplement on the market, since it considerably improves physical performance in a way that you will not be able to believe. It promotes the increase in muscle mass and reduces fat, increases the necessary strength to have a better performance in your training. It will help you to activate sexual function, among other great benefits that will give you an incredible satisfaction. It is a quality product that IO.Genix has brought especially to contribute to healthy muscle growth, thus helping you to obtain the look you want and providing you with the achievement of your sports goals in an efficient way.

      It is perfect for sportspeople and / or athletes of all ranges who need a natural and effective supplement that provides them with the necessary strength to perform in their workouts, also contributing to the healthy growth of their muscle mass. It is an excellent supplement that supports a healthy balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

      How is the DAA 3000 taken?

      • As a dietary supplement take 3 capsules
      • Take it at any time
      • Take a daily dose

      Customer reviews: Daa 3000 - 90 capsules

      16 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      a good anabolic and anticatabolic therefore very happy with the purchase and more if it is from iogenix
      90 capsules
      One of the natural anabolics that work best and if you also combine it with ecdysterone its effect is more powerful
      90 capsules
      I have been using this supplement for about two weeks now and I am loving it. It's one of the first testosterone precursors that really works for me. I notice more strength, better recovery, increased libido ... etc ... I recommend your purchase since its price is also very good.
      90 capsules
      I take it in the morning and at night, I notice an improvement in muscle tone and hardness, I will continue taking it for another month, hoping the results will continue.
      90 capsules
      Very good supplement that I always like to combine with maca and tribulus and it shows a lot
      90 capsules
      I have capsules to spend the winter so it is an inexpensive and quality product
      90 capsules
      Of the testosterone precursors that I have tried, d-aspartic acid is the one that has worked the best for me, I will continue with the
      90 capsules
      It works great following the guidelines. The improvement in strength is quite noticeable and muscle tone also improves.
      90 capsules
      a fundamental component for the serious bodybuilder and that of course will help you achieve that natural anabolism without a doubt it should not be lacking in the supplementation of any athlete must buy with this product and iogenix is opening the doors
      90 capsules
      If you really want to progress at the muscular level, do not forget to take aspartic acid since it works as a natural anabolic and with it you will notice the great difference of increasing muscle mass and body weight with lean muscle, the DAA is essential
      90 capsules
      good recuperator, this brand has been improving its quality considerably, a few years ago it was not giving much to talk about
      90 capsules
      good recuperator, this brand has been improving its quality considerably, a few years ago it was not giving much to talk about
      90 capsules
      one of the precursors of testosterone that the truth is that if you want to progress at the muscular level you cannot miss it
      90 capsules
      Very good product, effective and noticeable from the first days.
      90 capsules
      good product based on aspartic acid, an ingredient that stimulates the secretion of increased testosterone in a natural way, which leads to an improvement in physical performance and an increase in muscle mass. ideal for improving performance in training.
      90 capsules
      a good natural anabolic that the truth should be taken if you are one of the people who is serious about training
      90 capsules
      Questions and answers
      Si tomo maca hace falta que compre este producto o son compatibles y aumentan sus efectos?
      2023-07-14 10:56:44 Carlos
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      Pueden usarlo mujeres? Cual es mejor este o el bikini pro?
      2023-07-14 10:55:39 Carlos
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      Es compatible el DDa 3000 con el hot blood
      2020-01-08 12:48:42 Placido
      Hola Placido! Son dos productos totalmente compatibles, un saludo!
      2020-01-08 16:30:08 Joel
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