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Ciclodextrin - 1 kg

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Ciclodextrin by Iogenix is a cyclic dextrin that offers you all the necessary benefits for an optimal physical performance, since it is quickly assimilated and it provides immediate energy. It is also sustained over time and it does not increase the sugar levels of your body. So, you can take it at any time, especially in those days of strong training.

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    Ciclodextrin by Iogenix offers you a very high absorption supplement that will give you immediate results. It is perfect for long-lasting and intense workouts.

    Ciclodextrin by Iogenix is supplement with excellent features that are totally beneficial for the athlete's body, with a high quality cyclic dextrin that gives you enough energy for your physical workouts.

    Ciclodextrin by Iogenix is highly soluble, so it needs a relatively small quantity of water to be dissolved. It also has the ability to absorb itself immediately, obtaining more energy during exercise which allows you to have a better training performance.

    Ciclodextrin by Iogenix is obtained as a result of starch breaking down and using only one enzyme in sugar molecules. It is a simple type of carbohydrate that has positive features if it is compared to other type of sugars. One of the benefits is that it has low osmotic pressure, so that it goes through the membranes without a great pressure and it allows it to be quickly absorbed.

    Iogenix cyclodextrin contains the purest cyclodextrin, making it a high quality product since its effects are immediate, providing you with incredible performance. Likewise, many athletes complain about gastrointestinal problems caused by the time of gastric emptying, by consuming replacement drinks, causing a bad performance. Iogenix cyclodextrin has almost the same gastric emptying as water since it lasts less time in the digestive tract than other sugars, so it reduces side effects that may hurt your body.

    Ciclodextrin by Iogenix helps athletes who have a long-lasting competition because it reduces gastrointestinal problems, but it also helps to provide glucose to the cells in a shorter time than other carbohydrates. It will help you with an amount of extra energy, making it the perfect product for athletes and sportspeople who want to achieve the best results in their workouts.

    Characteristics of Ciclodextrin by Iogenix

    • It has a quickly assimilation in the body
    • It provides immediate energy
    • It does not increase sugar levels in the body
    • It is highly soluble
    • It reduces gastrointestinal problems
    • It is perfect for professional athletes
    • It provides a higher amount of energy

    Specifications per dose (25g):

    • It has an energy value of 96 Kcal
    • It has 24g of carbohydrates with no sugar

    If you need a good supplement in order to have the necessary effective amount of glucose for your blood, Ciclodextrin by Iogenix is what you need. So, it is very effective in your daily training because it gives you enough energy to get faster results.

    Recommended use: As a food supplement, mix 25g of product in 200 ml of water, which you can drink at any time of day, especially during your training.

    Customer reviews: Ciclodextrin - 1 kg

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    4 stars
    Cyclodextrin is very good for intra-training because it helps you perform much better without breaking down
    one of the best products to have more resistance and reduce fatigue the truth is I did not expect less from iogenix
    They go wonderfully into intra-training and make it possible to perform much more, especially in training sessions with a high load of exercises.
    I find the taste very pleasant and the truth is that training sessions are greatly favored by taking it.
    Its effect is very noticeable in the level of fatigue, I tolerate training much better and maintain a linear intensity.
    I use it in the mornings during my weight training with good results, it helps me a lot in my progress
    They provide enough energy to maintain intensity in the toughest workouts. Very good product.
    The best carbohydrate there is today, since I've tried it I've already passed amylopectin and that's also very good
    Feel great and with a very pleasant taste while training lasts. It is very noticeable since I take it and I am able to put more volume.
    very good product I recommend it is cheap and it shows a week and little I will buy it again
    What I liked is that it does not contain sugar, which makes it cleaner than its competitors.
    Questions and answers
    tengo una pregunta: que carbohidrato es mejor como postentreno? Amilopectina, Ciclodextrina....
    2022-09-16 09:01:19 imanol almandoz ubiria
    hola imanol mas potente sin duda alguna la ciclodextrina para tener un rendimiento alto,la amilopectina funciona bien pero es superior la ciclodextrina,gracias y un saludo
    2022-09-16 09:10:37 SALVA VALENCIA
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    Hola me podéis decir k diferencia hay entre ciclodextrina y evodextrina pirk he comprado vuestra ciclo pero mi preparadorbinsisteven evodextrina y yo creo k es prácticamente igual...me podéis decir k diferencia hayventre ciclo dextrina y evodextrina ....espero respuesta gracias un saludo
    2022-06-06 18:55:37 Kike
    Hola Kike, estas en lo correcto, es prácticamente lo mismo. Evodextrina es un producto que tienen algunas marcas en el que le añaden difosfato de fructosa 1-6 y betaína a la ciclo dextrina. El que estas tomando de IO.Genix te va a ir genial. Saludos
    2022-06-07 11:13:24 Jose Antonio
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    hola buenos días, me estoy planteando usar como intra-entreno este suplemento, se puede mezclar con bcaas - glutamina mientras realizo el entreno de pesas o debe tomarse sola??? gracias.
    2021-05-21 13:51:22 dagaro
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