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Carni3000 - 20 vials

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Carni3000 from IO.Genix is an excellent food supplement that allows to reduce the body fat rate, promoting the transformation and conversion of fats into energy, protecting the circulatory system, avoiding the destruction of muscle mass, decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL), and maximizing good cholesterol (HDL).

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    Promote fat reduction and boost energy levels by taking Carni3000 from IO.Genix.

    Carni3000 from IO.Genix is a food supplement that helps turn fat into energy, improve physical performance, optimize recovery capacity, decrease muscle damage, reduce fatigue, increase blood flow, increase the production of red blood cells and minimize muscle pain.

    Facts of Carni3000 from IO.Genix:

    • Food supplement that allows to maximize the process of obtaining energy through the degradation of fat deposits.
    • Ideal to protect and define muscle mass.
    • Helps optimize physical and sports performance.
    • Prevents muscle damage and pain from bodybuilding workouts.
    • Increases good cholesterol and reduces triglycerides.
    • Contains antioxidant and neuroprotective effects.
    • Protects cardiovascular health and encourages red blood cell production.
    Composition of Carni3000 from IO.Genix:

    Carni3000 from IO.Genix comes in practical high absorption vials. It is made from a formula based on high-quality and purity 100% natural ingredients, which provide incredible benefits and properties that help maintain, strengthen and protect the balance and proper functioning of the body. Carni3000 from IO.Genix is a food supplement free of harmful agents and artificial coloring that can modify the stability of health.

    Content per dose:

    • 3000 mg of l-carnitine tartrate.

    This medication is a diet supplement used to prevent and treat low blood levels of carnitine. Carnitine is a substance made in the body from meat and dairy products. It helps the body use certain chemicals (long-chain fatty acids) for energy and to keep you in good health.

    Benefits of Carni3000 from IO.Genix:

    L-carnitine l-tartrate is a food supplement that combines the effects of acid tartaric and l-carnitine. It is a compound synthesized by the kidneys and the liver from the amino acids lysine and methionine. Among the main functions of l-carnitine l-tartrate stands out its help to improve physical performance, optimize the recovery of the organism after high-intensity workout sessions, promote blood flow, reduce fatigue and tiredness, stimulate the muscle growth, eliminate fat deposits for energy transformation, minimize damage to muscle tissue, reduce triglyceride levels and prevent heart disease and arterial vascular conditions.

    IO.Genix brand, being a company dedicated to formulating supplements for caring and controlling the organism, has developed this product, a food supplement with neuroprotective, antioxidant and cardioprotective properties capable of transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria for the production of energy, stimulating weight loss, improving performance and endurance, reducing fatigue and tiredness, increasing good cholesterol, speeding up muscle recovery, protecting cardiovascular function, preventing the destruction of muscle mass and maximizing the formation of red blood cells.

    Carni3000 from IO.Genix is a strongly recommended food supplement for active people, fitness lovers and athletes in general who are seeking to a 100% natural product to improve their physical performance during their workouts, raise the oxygen supply in the muscles, boost the energy index and promote fat loss.

    Recommended daily dose of Carni3000 from IO.Genix:

    • As a food supplement, take 1 vial of Carni3000 from IO.Genix.
    • Take Carni3000 from IO.Genix preferably before your workouts.
    • Take the dose of Carni3000 from IO.Genix daily.

    Customer reviews: Carni3000 - 20 vials

    3 Reviews
    Although this individual format is perhaps somewhat more expensive, it is very comfortable and practical, since you take one of the vials and you take it on the way to the gym or while you warm up. The product is very effective, as long as you also diet and train well! ^^
    Individual vials very convenient to transport and swallow and at a fairly good price. On the contrary, its two flavors, cola and raspberry, are quite unpleasant in taste, but seeing the effectiveness of the products it is the least of it. Very happy! ;)
    Good supplement when it comes to improving the use of fat as an energy substrate, contributing to a better definition process, keeping our muscle mass intact. Fully recommended product, as long as you also have a diet and training base.
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