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Carni 3000 - 90 capsules

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Carni 3000 from IO.Genix is ​​an important natural amino acid known for its direct effect on fats. It is used daily and especially for weight loss and control. Its excellent mission is to correctly transport fatty acids to the mitochondria, which greatly favors the combustion of fats and makes us have more energy every day in our workouts. It also transports fatty acids to cell power plants, allowing energy to be produced more effectively during toning training.

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    Carni 3000 from IO.Genix: high-quality carnitine with the Carnipure quality seal, which is ideal for reducing your body fat level.

    Carni 3000 from IO.Genix provides you with high-quality proteins and has a fantastic amino acid profile. It is a strongly recommended compound of important and useful amino acids. Carni 3000 from IO.Genix works as a support for the desired muscle tone, as it transports the fatty acids used for energy generation to the muscle cells.

    Carni 3000 from IO.Genix is increasingly popular among those people who really love having a healthy and active lifestyle. Athletes, for instance, benefit every day from an increased energy and endurance during their workouts thanks to the intake of this important, excellent and spectacular l-carnitine.

    The regenerative properties of Carni 3000 from IO.Genix also have an especially beneficial effect for those who train hard and frequently. The Carni 3000 from IO.Genix action on muscle energy metabolism and muscle tissue integrity defines it as a 100% natural and key active ingredient for the physical and sports performance.

    Facts per 3 capsules of this Carni 3000 from IO.Genix:

      • 3000 mg of l-carnitine.
      • Carni 3000 from IO.Genix is ideal for toning training.
      • Energy production thanks to fatty acids.
      • Premium quality.

    Components and format of Carni 3000 from IO.Genix:

    Among its ingredients, we can find the follows:

        • L-carnitine and anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate).
        • Capsule (gelatin and coloring titanium dioxide)).
        • Carni 3000 from IO.Genix may contain traces of gluten, eggs, fish, soy and milk.

    What is achieved by taking this Carni 3000 from IO.Genix?

    Carni 3000 from IO.Genix is particularly ideal for those people who really seek to define their figure day after day on a correct and low calorie diet, while it is accompanied by strength training and cardio routines.

    This important and high-quality Carni 3000 from IO.Genix is strongly recommended for those people who may experience the weight stagnation or an unwanted drop in energy during their own workouts.

    The l-carnitine provided by this Carni 3000 from IO.Genix formula favors in each intake a more efficient production of energy from the body's existing fat reserves, which reduces possible fatigue and increases the effectiveness of toning training. The use of this spectacular, excellent and important Carni 3000 from IO.Genix also supports regeneration.

    The supply of fatty acids to the mitochondria (power plants of cells) constitutes the main property of the l-carnitine. For this reason, Carni 3000 from IO.Genix is the preferred compound for toning training support and for energy generation during workout.

    Recommended daily dose of Carni 3000 from IO.Genix:

      • Carni 3000 from IO.Genix is particularly effective if consumed before your respective toning training.
      • If you train several times a week and follow a low calorie diet, you should consume Carni 3000 from IO.Genix daily.
      • Take preferably one (1) capsule of this Carni 3000 from IO.Genix.

    Customer reviews: Carni 3000 - 90 capsules

    18 Reviews
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    Without a doubt it is the product that is consumed the most to give you energy and thus burn more fat than normal and at a good price I recommend it
    Without a doubt it is the product that is consumed the most to give you energy and thus burn more fat than normal and at a good price I recommend it
    give a little energy, I'm taking it before going to the gym to perform more in my muscles and to lose fat
    Carnitine cannot fail to give you the energy to take your workouts to the limit.
    They seem to me to be really effective capsules that are quite noticeable in fat loss from the first weeks.
    Very effective. I've been taking them for a short time, but their effect on fat is becoming noticeable and I've lost extra fat than just dieting.
    I bought it because of the good comments of the people but, nevertheless, I do not notice anything that does not offer me a cheaper l-carnitine. In the end, the main thing will be training and food, this type of supplement being a small plus. I will go back to my usual carnitine.
    Good supplement ideal for when summer is approaching and we want to refine ourselves a little more.
    Although I recently got to know this brand, I have to say that it is surprising me more and more given the quality of all the products I have tried. This l-carnitine, for the price it has, is the best on the market, given its ability to improve our body composition.
    A really good and cheap option if you are looking to improve fat loss in the definition stage. In my particular case, I opt for the intake of two capsules a day, both taken in pre-training. I had been losing at a rate of 1kg per month, now seeing a drop of approximately 1.5kg this month.
    I usually use it whenever I start a definition stage and, the truth, it works great for me, since I achieve that little extra fat loss and stimulation, especially when the definition is already advanced. A price very in line with the Carnipure quality of the raw material.
    Quite effective supplement for improving the use of fat as an energy source, although it requires a long time of use to notice its effects, it is not a matter of a month. The capsule format is very comfortable, at least for me, I tend to be a bit "special" when it comes to flavors.
    For me it's a good pre-workout, it helps me burn a lot but I don't notice an increase in my strength.
    I take it before training and it goes like a shot, I give a good evaluation. The price is not the best but it works
    Quality carnitine and very useful for the time to remove fat. Anything that can help is welcome.
    Carni 3000 from IO.Genix in L-Carnitine from MASmusculo Quite an effective supplement for improving the use of fat as an energy source, although it requires a long time of use to notice its effects, it is not a matter of a month. The capsule format is very convenient, at least for me, as I tend to be a bit "special" when it comes to flavours.
    I always have problems with thermogenics because they give me problems at bedtime, I'm using this carnitine, it's helping me lose weight and without any problem at night.
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