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Caffeine 200mg - 100 capsules

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Caffeine by IO.Genix is ​​a powerful central nervous system stimulant that is used to increase physical energy levels, minimise the feeling of tiredness and improve mental capacity. It provides an additional energy level and it helps you to burn fat since it has an excellent diuretic effect.

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    Caffeine IO.Genix is an energetic support that increases your energy levels, reduces fatigue after exercising and helps you to lose extra kilos!

    Caffeine by IO.Genix is ​​an extraordinary source of energy to improve body and mental performance. Its intake has become popular within the sports world since it has a slimming effect and increases endurance during physical activity. Its daily administration accelerates metabolism helping you to burn calories even if you are resting. It is totally effective in increasing memory and concentration because it activates the central nervous system. If you want to increase your performance in sports, this product will be your perfect supplement. It will be able to inhibit pain and relieve cramps. Recent studies show that caffeine consumption prevents the appearance of fatigue and improves performance in high level sports.

    Main characteristics of Caffeine by IO.Genix

    • It strengthens sports performance.
    • It reduces pain associated with cramps, muscle strain and migraine.
    • It stimulates concentration and memory.
    • It strengthens metabolism by helping to burn fat in the body.
    • It has a diuretic effect that accelerates the loss of body weight.

    What does Caffeine by IO.Genix provide?

    This product is a powerful supplement that provides energy and helps you to burn body fat. Its capsules can be easily absorbed, making them perfect for consuming in any type of sports discipline. Proven studies show that the best amount to consume is 200 mg, so this product is the best option to include in your daily diet. It contains anhydrous caffeine, silicon dioxide, micro crystalline cellulose and titanium dioxide.

    Why taking Caffeine by IO.Genix ?

    Taking Caffeine by IO.Genix will help you to improve physical performance especially in long-term training such as marathons or cycling races. Its constant use improves the central nervous system, allowing you to stay alert and focused, combined with the benefit of a better resistance to the perception of fatigue and drowsiness. It contains anhydrous dehydrated caffeine as an active ingredient. Caffeine is fast assimilated by the body allowing its effect to be felt within a few minutes, causing attention and concentration to be maintained for a longer time.

    This product is perfect for all those who want to have all the benefits of caffeine on a daily basis and without side effects. This is supplement is made from natural ingredients, avoiding any damage to your health. Do not wait any longer and buy now this incredible supplement.

    How to take Caffeine?

    • Take one capsule.
    • Take it with the main meal
    • Take it once a day.

    Customer reviews: Caffeine 200mg - 100 capsules

    23 Reviews
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    Good dose of caffeine per capsule, I train first thing in the morning and use this supplement together with creatine and it gives me enough energy and strength to train with intensity.
    Good option for pre-training, I usually combine it with Acetyl L Carnitine and they work very well for me
    more than essential caffeine to give you that pull as energy for the push that is needed in training
    excellent option for many occasions, it serves before training, to start your day, after a strong meal and back to work, it is a super strong shot of pure caffeine in a capsule, it is more or less equivalent to having 4 black coffees short. highly effective
    Always effective as a pre-workout or to wake you up if you don't feel like it, with 200mg I'm more than served
    I always take it when I get up before going swimming and in the afternoon when I go running, affordable price.
    the best alternative to taking pre-workouts since they are all loaded with caffeine for that it is best to take it like this
    Essential if you really want to make your workouts to pieces and give yourself the 200x200 since the energy and vitality that caffeine gives you is ideal
    Essential if you really want to make your workouts to pieces and give yourself the 200x200 since the energy and vitality that caffeine gives you is ideal
    Very useful to give you that push that sometimes is needed to go to train and be able to perform well in the gym
    I do not usually drink coffee nor am I used to caffeine supplementation, but I recognize that when I need an extra energy I usually drink it, it is specifically from the iogenis brand, it works great for me.
    Good product, it works, to stimulate me at 17 in the afternoon and to be able to go to train with enthusiasm ..
    Caffeine is more than essential if you want to do a high-intensity workout, I recommend this one from iogenix
    I notice a different quality with this caffeine, I notice its effects much more and for a longer time.
    Although the product offers 200mg capsules, I notice much less the activation effect with this brand compared to others. I don't know if maybe it was just this boat, so I'll give it another chance. Regarding the shipment, everything is correct, as usual.
    very good, they are too powerful, a single capsule makes me feel like a motorcycle, I think I'll start to reduce them
    A very good option to improve our physical performance, obtaining a plus of activation and strength at the moment. It is true that its use must be dosed, otherwise the dose will have to be doubled after a few weeks to obtain the same effect.
    A plus of energy that feels good to train much harder and also burn extra fat
    caffeine is the most effective stimulant on the market and if it is from iogenix guaranteed quality
    Good supplement, I usually use them daily and for me it is essential to be able to perform well in training
    Questions and answers
    Que cantidad de Cafeína anhidra contiene por capsulas?
    2019-06-21 15:32:28 MANUEL CORNEJO MORA
    Hola, buenas tardes. Contiene 200 mg de cafeína anhídra por cápsula. Un saludo.
    2019-07-01 19:22:24 Rafael
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