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Zero BCAAs 8:1:1 - 300g

Zero BCAAs 8:1:1 from IO.Genix is ​​a concentrated supplement that will provide you with branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) in a proportion of 80% leucine, 10% isoleucine and 10% valine. See how this supplement will boost your recovery, promote the development of your muscle mass, increase your performance during training and also promote fat loss.

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    Zero BCAAs 8:1:1 from IO.Genix concentrates the potential for excellent muscle gains, faster recovery and incredible performance. Take advantage of its easy assimilation and incredible results!

    Zero BCAAs 8:1:1 from IO.Genix offers you an excellent concentration of branched-chain amino acids that you need for your training.

    Zero BCAAs 8:1:1 from IO.Genix includes 80% leucine, 10% isoleucine and 10% valine, which you need to consume since the body cannot produce them on its own. Although they are found in foods such as dairy products, eggs and meat, it is always advisable to ensure their level in the body by supplementation. It is a very effective means that will provide you with all its benefits quickly since its properties enter the blood directly. It also has an excellent flavor, which was achieved with sweeteners that will not affect your body volume.

    What can Zero BCAAs 8:1:1 from IO.Genix do for you? In addition to being very important for strengthened health, this supplement will deeply boost your training. The presence of branched-chain amino acids will optimize your muscle gain and give you more strength while you exercise. In the same way, they will ensure in your body the presence of multiple "building blocks" that are vital to repair muscle fibers during recovery. And this is why you can recover energy faster and have more power in the next exercise session. In this way, it also promotes a decrease in fats in pursuit of muscle tissue growth.

    You can also avoid catabolism if you incorporate Zero BCAAs 8:1:1 from IO.Genix into your routines. If your body does not have enough amino acids, then it will begin to feed on the tissues that make it up. As a result, what you get is a reduction of muscle mass, and therefore, everything you get in the gym or what you want to achieve is hindered. Keep in mind that the energy sources you need to stay in good conditions are not only carbohydrates and fats. You also require proteins with their corresponding amino acids to maintain a lasting vitality. Everything is possible thanks to branched-chain amino acids, as they are intended to stimulate protein synthesis, favor the assimilation of glucose in cells and prevent physical and mental fatigue.

    Facts of Zero BCAAs 8:1:1 from IO.Genix:

    Composition of the recommended dose (7.5 g):

    • Contains 4000 mg of L-leucine.
    • Has 500 mg of L-valine.
    • Contributes with 500 mg of L-isoleucine.
    • Provides 0.7 mg of Vitamin B6.

    Zero BCAAs 8:1:1 from IO.Genix is ​​a supplement that concentrates an excellent provision of branched-chain amino acids. It ensures in your body everything you need for excellent muscle development, increased strength, rapid recovery and superior performance. Experience rapid assimilation, rapid results and training with incomparable gains.

    Recommended use: dissolve 7.5 g (2 level measures of the meter) in water. Take before training, or after to recover the protein level.

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