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AAKG 3000 - 90 capsules

The new food supplement AAKG 3000 from Iogenix is an extraordinary source of L-Arginine alpha ketoglutarate, which will help you to significantly improve the performance of your muscles thanks to its ability to boost blood flow to muscle mass due to its nitric oxide releasing effect. By taking AAKG 3000 from Iogenix you will develop your muscles efficiently and in a short time.

      AAKG 3000 from Iogenix, the best food supplement based on L-Arginine to boost your muscle development.

      The new AAKG 3000 from Iogenix is an extraordinary dietary supplement developed for athletes seeking to upgrade the effective development of their muscle mass through the contribution of amino acids such as l-Arginine, which improves the supply of oxygenated blood to the muscles, improving their performance, increasing their strength and contributing to their effective hypertrophy in less time.

      The formula of AAKG 3000 from Iogenix contains arginine alpha ketoglutarate as its main ingredient; combination that allows it to be better assimilated and increases its bioavailability, and at the same time, favors an explosive production of energy from inside your muscle fibers for greater physical performance, which allows you to obtain the best results from your workouts.

       L-arginine is an amino acid that plays a fundamental role for athletes today due to the excellent properties and benefits that it brings to your body, especially when these are people who carry out intense exercises regularly in order to develop their muscle mass to the greatest extent possible, and in a short time. The L-arginine contained in the formula has been developed with the purpose of being quickly and easily absorbed by the body, guaranteeing its highest bioavailability, that is, that all its properties remain intact and are used to their maximum by the organism. With AAKG 3000 from Iogenix, you have at your fingertips all the benefits of arginine alpha ketoglutarate in the necessary amount to develop your muscle mass to the maximum efficiently.

      AAKG 3000 from Iogenix allows a better irrigation of oxygenated blood and nutrients to the fibers of your muscles, this allows an energy explosion to be generated that considerably increases the growth of your muscle mass and stimulation of its development. In addition, AAKG 3000 from Iogenix increases the production of nitric oxide, notably increasing the strength of the athlete. And not only that, but this extraordinary product stimulates the growth hormone, which will make your muscles grow optimally, and also promotes better muscle recovery.

      Facts of the AAKG 3000 from Iogenix:

      • Stimulates blood supply to the muscles.
      • Increases strength.
      • Promotes muscle growth.
      • Easy and quick to assimilate.
      • Increases the production of nitric oxide.
      • Supports muscle regeneration.
      • Effectively stimulates the growth hormone.
      • Supports optimal and effective development of muscle mass.
      • Contains 3000 mg of arginine alpha ketoglutarate for each recommended dose (3 capsules).

      The new AAKG 3000 from Iogenix is ​​the complete and effective supplement that you have been waiting for to improve your physical condition, promoting the optimal development of your muscles with the contribution of the excellent arginine alpha ketoglutarate; the amino acid that will allow you to get the full potential that your muscles can reach.

      Recommended use: as a food supplement, take 3 capsules of AAKG 3000 from Iogenix per day, preferably before training.

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