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Lipo 7 - 200 capsules

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Lipo 7 from Invictus Nutrition is a food supplement based on natural plants, L-carnitine tartrate and caffeine, which act in the body to help burn body fat, increase sports performance and muscle development. It is also useful for losing weight.

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    Lipo 7 from Invictus Nutrition is the ally you need to maintain excellent physical condition and have the level of energy you require for your daily activities!

    Lipo 7 from Invictus Nutrition contains a combination of natural extracts that promote muscle development and body weight loss. The bitter orange dry extract in this formula contributes to keep metabolism always active in order to use energy and burn fat. It also has dry coffee extract which improves the immune system and its antioxidant properties, protects the body from damage caused by free radicals.

    The immune system is the one which forms antibodies and works against foreign bodies that attack the body.

    Moreover, it has a significant effect on absorption and utilization of glucose from the diet, and helps burn calories in the hours of rest. Another ingredient is green tea, which has the same properties described for the other ingredients and can also help reduce pain associated with aching muscles and joint disorders.

    Intense sports, especially in those people who are not used to making a lot of effort on a regular basis, can cause pain that requires treatment to alleviate its effects. Frequently, after muscular training with weights or after long runs, muscles suffer and the pain force the athlete to stop for several days, which means interrupting the dynamics and, for many, ending up abandoning the good habit of practicing exercise every day. Lipo 7 from Invictus Nutrition provides you with the energy you need, controls the nervousness you can feel when participating in a competition, helps burn body fat, reduces pain thanks to its great analgesic and anti-inflammatory power, supports weight loss and facilitates recovery to continue doing any type of physical activity.

    What are the characteristics of Lipo 7 from Invictus Nutrition?

    • Made from natural plants, L-carnitine and caffeine.
    • Supports weight loss and burning of body fat.
    • Increases physical performance and decreases pain.
    • Boosts energy.
    • Thermogenic.

    Composition of Lipo 7 from Invictus Nutrition:

    Lipo 7 from Invictus Nutrition is a food supplement, containing dry extract of bitter orange, dry coffee extract, choline tartrate, dry extract of green tea, L-tyrosine, rice powder, dry extract of ginger, dry extract of white willow, loading agent (microcrystalline cellulose), dry extract of cayenne, anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate). Capsule: coating agent (gelatin), stain (E-171).

    What is achieved with Lipo 7 from Invictus Nutrition?

    Lipo 7 from Invictus Nutrition boosts energy and body temperature, guarantees improved metabolism that helps burn body fat, improves concentration and increases physical performance.

    Lipo 7 from Invictus Nutrition is mainly indicated for people and fitness lovers who require more energy and support in losing body fat; and as an aid for people who need to lose weight.

    Recommended daily dose of Lipo 7 from Invictus nutrition:

    • Take 2 to 3 capsules.
    • Take distributed between breakfast and lunch.
    • Take the recommended daily dose.

    Customer reviews: Lipo 7 - 200 capsules

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    a fat burner that I am very happy considering that long-term results!!!
    When I saw it I thought, because of the name, that they had made a copy of the Lipo 6 Black because of the name and the design of the bottle. I have been testing it and it is giving me good results so I recommend it
    A remarkable supplement that improves fat loss, as long as you have established a correct diet, a good training system and adequate rest. The product stimulates enough to perform training and to lose a lot of fluid as well.
    What a good fat burner, intense and sweating like a chicken every time I take it, this summer I will be full.
    Very good product, the truth works, it shows, it is not expensive and this brand does not usually disappoint, I recommend it uighg
    I am doing well with this fat burner because I am finishing the bottle and I have lost weight
    a fat burner since the truth is that little by little I am losing weight I did not expect that this invictus brand would be too
    It's fine, it has had some effect on me but the most important thing is the diet, this helps yes but it doesn't solve
    It has helped me a lot to get rid of the last kilos, since I had stagnated and there was no way to lose them, since reducing calories more or increasing activity was not feasible. As long as you use it wisely and at the right time, it will work for you.
    It has arrived quickly, very seriously, thanks for being so effective. I've been testing it for 1 week and it's great
    Lipo 7 is a brutal thermogenic to lose weight making a good caloric deficit works great
    Highly recommended quality-price product. Powerful fat burner and metabolism improvement. Ideal if you are looking to lower fat percentage.
    A very effective product when it comes to losing weight, working especially well to shed the last few kilos, when it is already very difficult to further reduce caloric intake. A remarkable cardiovascular stimulation and a lot of fluid elimination.
    Questions and answers
    Buenas tardes yo tengo hipotiroidismo, están indicadas para mi. Gràcies
    2022-07-01 21:18:52 Neus Nuñez
    Buenos días,te recomendaría que consultaras con tu medico si puedes usar este tipo de suplementos.
    2022-07-02 11:06:59 Joan
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    Quais são as contradições e efeitos secundários?
    2021-11-18 10:54:31 Sérgio Sequeira
    hola sergio al ser un suplemento deportivo no tiene efectos secundarios ya que no es un farmaco y contra indicaciones tiene cafeina y debes controlar la dosis para que luego no pases la noche en vela,gracias y un saludo
    2021-11-18 11:46:15 SALVA VALENCIA
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