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Ifigen is a brand of nutritional supplements that is presented as a family business that incorporates in its creations the ancestral knowledge of Eastern culture and especially the Japanese, making supplements and food from 100% natural ingredients and of the best quality available, with in order to offer the best for your health and nutrition.

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BACK-GYMPp40 pao pereira - 90 capsules Ifigen - 1
Pp40 pao pereira - 90 capsulesImmunological System
Pp40 Pao Pereira by Ifigen is a food supplement made from pao pereira, a fruit from Brazil. Get...
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BACK-GYMZinc Oligopharm - 150 ml Ifigen - 1
Zinc Oligopharm - 150 mlminerals
Zinc Oligopharm from Ifigen is a food supplement with a high concentration of zinc. It...
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BACK-GYMbismuto 150 ml
BISMUTO ml OLIGOPHARM from the HERDIBE brand in 150 ml format
will be shipped in 4-7 days
BACK-GYMfloragen 30 caps
FLORAGEN 30 CapsProbiotics
FLORAGEN in 30 capsule format manufactured by HERDIBE
will be shipped in 4-7 days
BACK-GYMmagnesio 150ml
MAGNESIUM ml OLIGOPHARM manufactured by HERDIBE in 150 ml container
will be shipped in 4-7 days
BACK-GYMMelatonin plus - 30 capsules Ifigen - 1
Melatonin plus - 30 capsulesSleep Improvement
Melatonin Plus by Ifigen is a food supplement made from a mixture of melatonin with the...
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BACK-GYMNar envelopes - 3 gr Ifigen - 1
Nar envelopes - 3 grImmunological System
Nar Envelopes of Ifigen is a food supplement that is a source of ribonucleic acid. Sen is about...
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BACK-GYMOligen dha 80% - 120 capsules Ifigen - 1
Oligen dha 80% - 120 capsulesOmega 3
will be shipped in 4-7 days
BACK-GYMOligen Vision DHA 80% - 60 capsules Ifigen - 1
Oligen Vision DHA 80% - 60 capsulesTake Care of Your Eyes
Oligen Vision DHA 80% from Ifigen  is a dietary supplement based on all-natural ingredients...
will be shipped in 4-7 days
BACK-GYMPhyntomin orange flower - 150 ml Ifigen - 1
Phyntomin orange flower - 150 mlminerals
Phytomin Orange Flower by Ifigen is a food supplement that contains sedative and anxiolytic...
will be shipped in 4-7 days
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Ifigen is part of a family business called MIMASA, which has extensive experience in the organic food market, manufacturing accessories and food in an artisanal and traditional way in Japan. This brand has created everything from wheat-based pasta of an ancient variety from Asia, to food supplements to treat various health problems using the medicinal properties of native plants and the ancient wisdom that has passed from generation to generation throughout the weather. For this reason, Ifigen is an excellent and balanced combination of ancestral and scientific knowledge, for the elaboration of supplements that improve not only your health but also your quality of life, in a safe and totally natural way.

Ifigen has a wide range of foods and supplements, which have been, in essence, the nutritional base of the peoples of this area of the world for many generations, and even millennia. In this way, Ifigen is firmly committed to maintaining the properties of the ingredients it uses in its formulations and preserving the effects they have on the human body. It is noteworthy that each of the components of each of its supplement formulas have been duly certified and endorsed for use, so Ifigen always guarantees quality and efficiency in everything it does and manufactures, maintaining the effort to improve at all times and stay ahead of new discoveries. Ifigen is a brand specialized in phytotherapy, making the most of all the natural properties and benefits that nature offers and especially the native plants of the East and Japan, combined with ancestral knowledge, which benefits from the best active ingredients of them. for strengthening health, helping to naturally treat a large number of problems that affect the body and the well-being of people on a physical level.

Currently Ifigen also produces a wide range of supplements from Switzerland, using prestigious laboratories, for the manufacture of supplements for oligotherapy, which uses a variety of innovative techniques that maintain the properties and active ingredients of the plants used in its formula, including essential fatty acids; so that people get the maximum benefit for their health from these supplements. All this hard work has today put Ifigen in a position that places it as a leading brand in phytotherapy, where you can find health supplements and also foods that you can consume daily, loaded with nutrients and properties that will promote a healthy life. healthier and a more nutritious diet that allows you to enjoy a better quality of life.