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CreATP (Creapure®) - 200g

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By taking Creatine Evolution from Hypertrophy, fitness lovers and weightlifters can be confident that they will gain muscle mass quickly. This is because they give their bodies the essential substance to generate muscle cells. Therefore, each time they train their bodies will produce greater muscle volume and achieve an immediate hypertrophy and with less effort.

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    Creatine Evolution from Hypertrophy, excellent source to boost strength and energy so your muscles are stronger and ready for workouts.

    Creatine Evolution from Hypertrophy, sold in 200 mg format, is an innovative supplement containing micronized creatine. This condition allows a total absorption, thus multiplying the capacity of the organism to generate more strength, endurance and muscle volume in a way as healthy as natural.

    Usually this substance is found in certain types of meats, especially in tuna, chicken or herring. However, your dietary intake is usually not enough if you want to increase your muscles quickly. Therefore, this product gives the body enough amount of creatine to achieve remarkable hypertrophy in a short time. In addition, it helps to make the most out of weight training routines, as it is a natural amino acid that makes up the structure of muscle fibers. Therefore, when consuming Creatine Evolution from Hypertrophy, the body is supplied with the raw material necessary to make muscle cells.

    Creatine is produced primarily in the liver, pancreas and kidneys. That is, it is a non-essential amino acid, as the body manages to synthesize it. However, you can also get by eating certain types of meats. However, the problem is that if someone wants to increase his muscles in a remarkable way it will not be enough the amount of creatine you get in the diet. For example, if one kilogram of meat is consumed, then about 5 grams of creatine is added to the body. Too little! For this reason, the supplement Creatine Evolution from Hypertrophy has been created. It consists of a powder that is added to your protein or weight gainer and is shook to then ingest it. The idea is to start with five intakes a day (20 grams), to achieve a large amount of material in the metabolism to make muscle tissue in abundance. For this reason, fitness lovers, weightlifters and bodybuilders should use this product to gain sufficient weight and volume in the fibers of their muscles.

    Facts of Creatine Evolution from Hypertrophy

    • In a 200 mg container
    • With the novelty of incorporating micronized creatine
    • Easier to absorb
    • Increases muscle volume
    • Increases strength
    • Generates more power
    • Easy to consume
    • Pleasant taste

    The supplement Creatine Evolution from Hypertrophy is perfect for those who require creatine to increase their muscle size. Its micronized shape makes this substance easier to absorb and therefore improves the production of cells in muscle fibers.

    Recommended use: each serving is equivalent to 5 grams. Add to protein or use as a shake. The idea is to consume 20 grams at the beginning of the training and then lower the dose to avoid damage to the kidneys.

    Customer reviews: CreATP (Creapure®) - 200g

    2 Reviews
    Good creatine powder with the famous seal that gives it a plus, although I don't care as long as it takes effect
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