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Propargile - 32 capsules

Propargile from Holistica comes to relieve those annoying digestive problems. It is made from clay, pollen and propolis that become the perfect formula to fight flatulence and fermentation of bacterial flora. It is specially formulated to cleanse and purify your digestive system, but it also has benefits on respiratory tract infections.

      Propargile from Holistica cleanses and purifies the digestive system!

      Propargile from Holistica is a dietary supplement that cleanses and purifies the digestive system to improve digestion, thus avoiding flatulence or fermentation of the bacterial flora of the digestive system. It is made from clay, pollen and propolis.

      What are the main characteristics of Propargile from Holistica?

      • Food supplement based on clay, pollen and propolis.
      • Cleanses and purifies the digestive system.
      • Prevents flatulence and bacterial fermentations.
      • Prevents and treats infectious processes of the respiratory tract.
      • Fights flu and common colds.
      • Protects the vocal cords from infections or cold-related damage.
      • 100% natural product.

      What is the composition of Propargile from Holistica?

      Propargile from Holistica comes in 32 capsules.

      Nutrition facts per serving of Propargile from Holistica:

      • 300 mg of clay combination.
      • 100 mg of micronized propolis.
      • 100 mg of micronized pollen.

      What are the benefits of Propargile from Holistica?

      Propargile from Holistica is made based on 3 great active principles: clay, propolis and pollen.

      Clay has a great absorbing and regenerating power. It contains an exclusive formula associated with a kaolinite from bretagne and a montmorillonite from haute provence where the extraction conditions are controlled for internal use.

      Propolis is a substance that bees collect with characteristic resinous, gummy and balsamic found on buds and bark, which they cover with their own secretions in order to use it, for example, for disinfection and sterilization of cells, to eliminate undesirable microorganisms, to anesthetize insects and to fill the interalveolar holes. This was also used by Pharaohs in Egypt.

      Propargile from Holistica is naturally made from balsam, resins, essential oils and a wide range of flavonoids and trace elements. It traditionally has been used to prevent and treat infectious processes of the respiratory tract, to fight flu and colds thanks to its all-natural antiviral effect and also to protect the vocal cords from infection and damage caused by cold.

      Pollen is the fertilizing powder of flowers, actively sought after by bees for being an exceptional food for them, rich in amino acids, vitamins and 100% natural ferments.

      Propargile from Holistica is aimed at anyone who wants to take advantage of its benefits and supplement their diet with this supplement naturally. It is aimed especially for people who do not have good digestion and suffer from flatulence. 86% of people have quickly felt a flatter stomach and 75% have noticed a significant reduction in feelings of gastrointestinal discomfort.

      How to take Propargile from Holistica?

      • One dose corresponds to one (1) Propargile from Holistica capsule.
      • Strongly recommended to take this product a quarter of an hour before main meals.
      • Can be taken one (1) or two (2) capsules a day with a large glass of water.
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