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Holistica is a brand from France that for more than 30 years has focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle in its consumers; It has a wide line of food supplements and other natural products, with incredible characteristics and free of synthetic additives, artificial colors, among other harmful components.

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OUTLETOligophytum zinc - 100 granulos
Oligophytum Zinc - 100 granules - OUTLETImmunological System
Oligophytum Zinc from Holistica is an essential mineral for our body. It has a specific role...
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Oligophytum cobalto - 100 gránulos
Oligophytum cobalto - 100 gránulosminerals
Holistica Oligophytum Cobalt is a nutritional supplement based on the trace element cobalt,...
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Flower complex hipersensibilidad - 100g Holistica - 1
Flower complex hipersensibilidad - 100gConcentration-Memory
Holistic Hypersensitivity Flower Complex is a food supplement made with holly, agrimony,...
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Oligophytum azufre - 100 gránulos
Oligophytum azufre - 100 gránulosLiver Protector
Oligophytum Azufre from Holistica is an innovative product that provides the benefits of sulfur...
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Oligophytum chrome - 100 gránulos
Oligophytum Chrome - 100 granulesminerals
Oligophytum Chrome from Holistica is a food supplement made from trace elements extracted from...
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17% dtoOligiphytum lithium - 100 gránulos
Oligophytum Lithium - 100 granulesConcentration-Memory
Oligophytum Lithium from Holistica is a great product that provides the benefits of lithium...
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Oligophytum oro - 100 microgranulos Holistica - 1
Oligophytum oro - 100 microgranulosCirculatory System
Oligophytum Selenio from Holistica is a food supplement that will provide you with a 100%...
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Physioxid multivitamins - 40 capsules
Physioxid Multivitamin - 40 capsulesAntioxidants
Physioxid Multivitamin from Holistica is a concentrated source of multiple antioxidants. This...
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Propargile - 32 capsules
Propargile - 32 capsulesDigestive
Propargile from Holistica comes to relieve those annoying digestive problems. It is made from...
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Holistica is a brand dedicated to the manufacture of plant-based food supplements, it is of French nationality and has successfully extended its market in much of Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America, it was established in 1986 by Ghislaine Gerber and its team with the purpose of contributing to the health of its consumers, thus improving the development and correct development of the entire organism; It dedicates 100% to the realization of products of the highest quality. In this sense, all its articles are being produced with strict care, it has specialists in the field and personnel committed to the well-being of the human being, which guarantees correct handling at the time of its preparation and excellent results, in addition, the choice of its components is very thorough and detailed, always looking for the best natural ingredients; perfectly combines flowers, plants, algae, with other equally natural substances; offers the best for you in each product.

This magnificent brand has its own laboratory, where they have created different supplements in various presentations, such as capsules, powders, body oils, micro granules, among others, easy to use and quickly absorbed, finding the one that best suits your needs and requirements. In this order of ideas, Holística creates an effective way to nourish our body naturally with excellent quality products, free of harmful chemicals and artificial colors; additionally, these supplements are rich in important and beneficial nutrients, they are extracted from nature to achieve your goals in the field of health, they contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that support the correct development of the functions performed by the body, contributing with bones and joints, to strengthen concentration and memory, in digestive processes, to take care of the skin, among other benefits; the proportion of these may vary according to the supplementary item chosen.

Holistica offers its extensive clientele products that perfectly complement a healthy life, filling our body with magnificent nutritional benefits; its consumption is recommended for women and men who want to maintain a healthy life full of vitality, which without a doubt, allows them to carry out all daily activities as usual, without interruptions due to health difficulties; in this sense, it can be used by athletes and/or athletes of any kind, to guarantee healthy nutrition during training or in sports activities as such, it is also ideal for people who are complying with a nutritional regimen; It has everything necessary to meet the needs of the human being.

If what you want is to lead a healthy life, then Holistica products are for you; helps meet your health needs naturally; give a radical change to your life and get better results in the short, medium and long term.