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List of products by brand Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is a sports supplement and body care brand created in 1930 that combines the principles of traditional most ancient medicine with modern science. Its products are made from natural herbs following scientifically proven formulations to stimulate and enhance the natural body functions.

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15% dtoCystone - 100 tablets
Cystone - 100 tabletsUrinary Tract
Properties of Cystone: Urolithiasis It is an assistant in the infections of the urinary tract.
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Liv.52 - 100 tabs
Liv.52 - 100 TabletsLiver Protector
Liv.52 from Himalaya is a food supplement in tablets that contains plant extracts. It lacks...
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51% dtoLiv.52 DS - 60 Tabs
Liv.52 DS - 60 TabletsLiver Protector
Liv.52 DS Himalaya is a formula based on herbal extracts that promotes a healthy liver and...
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9% dtoTentex Royal - 60 Caps
Tentex Royal - 60 CapsSexuality
Tentex Royal of Himalaya is a product of natural herbal extracts, designed specifically to boost...
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30% dtoSeptilin - 100 tablets
Septilin - 100 tabletsImmunological System
Increases the resistance to infections and common illnessess. Action: The weakening of the...
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rumalaya gel 30gr
Rumalaya Gel - 30grJoint creams
Rumalaya Gel Himalaya Herbals is a gel that improves the health of the joints and improves...
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31% dtoAshvagandha - 60 caps
Ashvagandha - 60 capsGeneral improvement
Ashvagandha is an extract of the pure herb Ashvagandha, also known as Indian ginseng.
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33% dtoKarela - 60 cápsulas
Karela - 60 cápsulasDiabetes
Karela: natural glycemic control Karela, also known as bitter melon or bitter gourd, offers a...
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Arjuna - 60 capsules
Arjuna - 60 capsulesCirculatory System
Arjuna from Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is a very effective food supplement that helps with the...
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Gokshura tribulus terrestris - 60 capsules
Gokshura Tribulus Terrestris - 60 capsulesTribulus
Gokshura Tribulus Terrestris from Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is a diuretic medicine, which has...
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45% dtoAmla C - 60 cápsulas
Amla C - 60 cápsulasGeneral improvement
AMLA is one of the more important sources of wealth vitamin C, juice of Amla fruit contains...
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Bacopa - 60 capsules
Bacopa - 60 capsulesConcentration-Memory
Bacopa de Himalaya is a food supplement made from bacopa extract of completely natural origin,...
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Boswellia (shallaki) - 60 capsules
Boswellia (Shallaki) - 60 capsulesFormulas mejoras articulares
Boswellia (Shallaki) from Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is a food supplement with a powerful...
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Purifying neem foaming face wash - 150ml
Purifying neem foaming face wash - 150mlFace cleaners
Himalayan Face Cleansing Purifying Neem Foam is an incredible facial cleansing foam developed...
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21% dtoTurmeric - 60 cápsulas
Turmeric - 60 cápsulasAntioxidants
Turmeric: Antioxidant and joint support Turmeric is a root that belongs to the ginger family and...
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AyurSlim - 60 caps
AyurSlim - 60 capsAppetite Suppressants
Obtain the perfect figure by the most natural way! AyurSlim hass a safe and effective...
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Triphala - 60 capsules
Triphala - 60 capsulesDigestive
  An immensely popular Ayurvedic herbal formula Triphala is an effective bowel cleanser.
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Rumalaya Forte - 60 tablets
Rumalaya Forte - 60 tabletsFormulas mejoras articulares
Relief of pain caused by arthritis and joint pain. Rumalaya Forte is natural 100% and secure...
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Purifying neem face wash - 150ml
Purifying neem face wash - 150mlFacials
Himalaya Neem Facial Purifying is a cleansing gel made with an extraordinary natural formula,...
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Asparagus (Shatavari) - 60 capsules
Asparagus (Shatavari) - 60 capsulesSpecial for Women
  In Sanskrit, Shatavari (Asparagus/Asparagus racemosus) means ‘she who possesses a hundred...
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All the products by Himalaya are researched, developed and tested according to pharmaceutical standards, with research teams and own study groups that confirm the effectiveness of each ingredient and each formula. Since 1975, the Himalaya products are manufactured in India, from where they are distributed and marketed worldwide.