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Relaxine premium - 60 tablets

It is created to treat states of nervous tension, stress and anxiety, and other disorders of nervous origin. Relaxine Premium by GSN is a food supplement of an excellent quality, which takes advantage of all the properties of valerian, hawthorn and willow. It will help you to relieve symptoms of stress and nervousness and promote a state of calm and tranquility.

      Relaxine Premium by GSN, the supplement that will help you to fight stress and anxiety without any contraindications.

      Stress is a condition of exhaustion, frustration and mental tension that today has become quite common due to the hectic style of many people, which can trigger considerable health consequences. Relaxine Premium by GSN is an extraordinary supplement that fights states of nervousness, anxiety or stress and their consequences. It offers all the properties of natural ingredients, especially plants such as valerian, hawthorn, among others. These are characterised by promoting a feeling of calm and tranquility, relieving the symptoms of states of nervous tension. Sometimes, these nervous tensions can generate cramps, mild neuromuscular pain, contractures, and even imbalances in the sleep cycle, with nervous origin.

      Essentials of Relaxine Premium by GSN

      • It is made with natural plant extracts
      • It fights the effects of stress and anxiety
      • It is perfect for treating states of nervous tension
      • It enhances sleep quality
      • It promotes a state of well-being and calm
      • It avoids and fight pain and cramps caused by nervous tension
      • It helps you to improve mental performance in stressful situations
      • It provides a relaxing effect
      • It contains a high concentration of active ingredients from natural plants
      • It has a natural content of flavonoids
      • It does not cause dependency or side effects
      • It is suitable for vegans

      What does Relaxine Premium by GSN provide?

      Relaxine Premium by GSN is a supplement in tablets. It has an extremely comfortable and easy-to-use format, since you can ingest it when you need to instantly calm states of nervous disturbances, with a just a tablet of Relaxine Premium by GSN.

      The natural ingredients that make up the formula of Relaxine Premium by GSN are valerian extract, lavender extract, hawthorn extract and willow.

      Content in each tablet:

      • It provides 100 mg of powdered valerian
      • It contains 100 mg of valerian standardized to 0.25% valerenic acid
      • It has 60 mg of powdered lavender extract
      • It contains 60 mg of hawthorn powder extract
      • It has 60 mg of powdered willow

      Benefits of Relaxine Premium by GSN

      Relaxine Premium by GSN is created to fight the effects of states of nervous tension with mild muscle aches, stress, nervousness, anxiety or insomnia of nervous origin. Relaxine Premium by GSN is a supplement that does not contain chemical or dependency ingredients. So, it can offer a relaxing and calming effect in a safe and totally natural way.

      Relaxine Premium by GSN is perfect for people with insomnia problems or those who are constantly exposed to stressful situations.

      Recommended daily dose Relaxine Premium by GSN

      • As a dietary supplement, take 2 tablets a day with plenty of water
      • In case of insomnia, take only 2 tablets half an hour before going to bed
      • Take the dose on a daily basis
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      Hola buenas una pregunta me e comprado estas pastillas para la ansiedad que pasa si en el día tomo mas de dos?
      2021-08-19 22:15:08 Dafne
      Hola Dafne en mi opinión más que subir la dosis del producto lo combinaría con algún otro producto que va muy bien para la ansiedad y el estrés. La ashwagandha, el 5-HTP y la hierba de San Juan van fenomenalmente bien para rebajar esa dosis de ansiedad de una forma natural y sin efectos secundarios. NO te digo que los tomes todos a la vez pero si que elijas uno y los combines. Gracias por confiar en Más Músculo.
      2021-08-20 10:20:28 CRISTOBAL
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