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Extreme Cut Explosion Woman - 90 vcaps

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Extreme Cut Explosion Woman from Gold Nutrition is a dietary supplement for sportswomen made from minerals, a patented formula of citrus extracts and various herbal extracts. It comes in quick assimilation vegetable capsules.

      Extreme Cut Explosion Woman by Gold Nutrition

      Extreme Cut Explosión Woman from Gold Nutrition is a food supplement to support physical activity in women athletes in adulthood. Contains the Sinetrol® formula that concentrates herbal extracts. It also has iodine, chromium, green tea extract, caffeine, bitter melon extract, horsetail and mate grass. It comes in quick assimilation vegetable capsules.

      Characteristics of Extreme Cut Explosion Woman from GoldNutrition

      • Contains minerals, citrus and herbal extracts.
      • It comes in easy-to-digest vegetable capsules.
      • Supports physical activity in women.

      Ingredients, composition and format of Extreme Cut Explosion Woman

      Extreme Cut Explosion Woman comes in a bottle containing 90 vegetable capsules.

      Each recommended dose of 4 capsules has the following specifications:

      • It has 200 µg of chromium.
      • It has 200 µg of iodine.
      • Contains 900 mg of Sinetrol®.
      • Provides 400 mg of green tea extract.
      • It has 200 mg of caffeine.
      • Offers 200 mg of bitter melon extract.
      • Includes 150 mg of horsetail extract.
      • Contributes 80 mg of mate herb extract.

      Recommended daily dose of Extreme Cut Explosion Woman

      • During the first week, take 1 capsule 30 minutes before breakfast and 1 capsule 30 minutes before lunch.
      • From the second week it is recommended to double the dose.

      Customer reviews: Extreme Cut Explosion Woman - 90 vcaps

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      I arrive before the indicated date. One of the best thermogenics I've ever tried. even if I say it's for a girl
      90 vcaps
      Good thermogenic, I bought it for my girlfriend and it has gone very well, even for me who has tried it
      90 vcaps
      a thermogenic that the truth is that I expected more from this product I see it very weak I do not think I will buy it again
      90 vcaps
      Let's see if it's true that this fat burner is effective for me once and for all, I hope so, thanks
      90 vcaps
      Within the range of products specifically designed for women, I have to say that it is one of those that has worked the best for me, noting a greater weight loss than with any other thermogenic taken previously. The price is also very good once its high effectiveness has been verified.
      90 vcaps
      a good thermogenic that fulfills its role the truth is that I was surprised how well this brand is doing
      90 vcaps
      Good thermogenic for girls that helps you burn fat and achieve better aesthetic results
      90 vcaps
      My girlfriend bought this product and, although she is happy, she considers that there are other more powerful formulations on the market with which to improve the results offered by this product. The shipping and service offered by Masmusculo colleagues, great, as always.
      90 vcaps
      It's one of the sugar cane because it has quite a mix of stimulants and the most important thing is that it works well. It has helped me burn fat faster
      90 vcaps
      Excellent product! It helps a lot in the day to day to burn that excess fat and provides a lot of energy. I fully recommend it
      90 vcaps
      Questions and answers
      se puede tomar con hipotiroidismo y despues de salir de cancer de utero?
      2023-08-07 10:46:35 SONIA
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      ¿Que precauciones se deben tener en cuanto a la hora de tomar este producto?
      2022-01-29 16:54:58 Lorena
      ¡Buenos días! Principalmente, no exceder la dosis recomendada por el fabricante y cortar su ingesta si notamos cualquier efecto adverso como taquicardia o malestar, algo que no debería suceder siguiendo las indicaciones. ¡Saludos!
      2022-01-31 07:19:54 JAVI
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      Cuando se toma este producto se puede tomar café como desayuno o es mejor evitar tomar cafeína?
      2022-01-29 16:53:22 Karen
      ¡Buenos días! Tenga en cuenta que el producto ya contiene cafeína en su composición, por lo que lo ideal sería no añadir más estimulantes. ¡Saludos!
      2022-01-31 07:17:58 JAVI
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