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Nano whey - 200g

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Nano Whey by Go-Food is a super crunchy product with chocolate wafers filled with an exquisite cream. It has truly unique characteristics on the market and it the perfect snack for any moment. It collaborates with your physical goals in guaranteed way, since it helps you to maintain your fit body.

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    Delight yourself at any time with a highly nutritious and delicious snack like Nano Whey by Go-Food.

    Nano Whey by Go-Food contains super crunchy chocolate wafers made with completely natural wheat flour and cocoa. It is filled with a delicious cream that contains whey isolate protein, thus efficiently collaborates with a healthy and balanced diet, especially if you are an athlete. Whey protein is one of the richest ingredients in nutritional substances that contribute to the maintenance of muscles in normal conditions and with their healthy development, in this way it is ideal to help you maintain your line guaranteed. Nano Whey by Go-Food is a tasty snack, perfect to have a sweet moment, because these wafers are exactly what you need. They offer an incredible flavour and at the same time, they collaborate with an optimal nutrition. So, it is perfect to keep a good body.

    Essentials of Nano Whey by GoFood

    • It contains delicious chocolate wafers
    • It has a high biological value whey isolate protein
    • It help keep a fit body
    • It collaborates with the normal development of muscles
    • It is perfect for snacking between meals
    • It has a balanced composition
    • It is perfect for athletes
    • It has a 100% natural ingredients

    What's in every intake of Nano Whey by Go-Food?

    This incredible snack is presented in crunchy filled wafers, in a container that provides its perfect conservation. This product is also made following the highest quality standards, with ingredients of 100% natural origin, without added artificial components. So, it is a safe product.

    Nano Whey by Go-Food has wheat flour, fructose, whey isolate protein, coconut fat, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, vanilla aroma, caramel, among other natural ingredients.

    Nutritional value of 100 g:

    • It has an energy value of 465 Kcal
    • It has 15.22 grams of fat, of which 4.60 grams are saturated
    • It contains 59.09 grams of carbohydrates, of which 10.10 grams are sugars
    • It has 0.50 g of fiber
    • It has 25 grams of protein
    • It contains 0.19 g of salt

    What do you get with Nano Whey by Go-Food?

    Nano Whey by Go-Food is a perfect food supplement to have between meals, alone or with your favourite desserts. It has a crunchy texture and a delicious flavour that you will love. It is filled with a white cream, which has protein as the main ingredient of whey isolate. That is why, it increases the protein intake in your body, helping you to keep a fit body in a completely healthy way.

    Nano Whey by Go-Food is perfect for athletes, people who follow healthy diets and even those who follow weight loss diets. It helps to maintain a good body without modifying your balanced diet, as is the case than conventional wafers. So adding it to your daily diet will contribute to your physical goals. It will allow you to enjoy a delicious snack without regrets.

    Recommended Daily Portion of Nano Whey by Go-Food

    • Eat it alone or combined with a dessert
    • Eat it at snack time or whenever you want
    • Eat it on a daily basis

    Customer reviews: Nano whey - 200g

    18 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    3 stars
    A rich, healthy snack in what fits and comfortable to carry. They are a vice and the container can quickly become small.
    Very rich and quite healthy snack, the best I've ever tasted. Eager to try more of the brand.
    How rich are the nano whey and also the boys, therefore, to break the diet a little, it goes very well and at a good price
    How rich are the nano whey and also the boys, therefore, to break the diet a little, it goes very well and at a good price
    The nano whey wafers are delicious since they are actually quite healthy and to give you a good treat
    delicious, I'm waffles and high in protein, which is how it should be to take care of your diet
    great these nano whey that the truth to make a cheat meal but healthier, I recommend it
    The chocolate rolls are very rich, the truth is that being a healthy vice is a pleasure, they are very good.
    Very good product, I consume it regularly and it works great for post-training days, recommended
    Very good flavor and macros, to take as a small snack throughout the day is very good.
    The product does not spread much, but the truth is that these wafers are tremendous and are pure vice. As soon as you get distracted, you've finished the box: S
    Excellent, these sweets are great, they are high in protein and have almost no sugar.
    They are very tasty to take as a snack, although the price is quite high for the small amount that it brings and most of them tend to arrive broken.
    I love these waffles, for those times of the day when you need something sweet and you don't want to skip your diet.
    What a delight to take the nano whey since it is a whim for diet skips or chat meals and at a very good price, thanks
    What a delight to take the nano whey since it is a whim for diet skips or chat meals and at a very good price, thanks
    Some really delicious lollipops and, although they do not spread much, for sporadic consumption they are very well priced. In my case, I usually add them on "cheat meal" days, so that the calories don't go out of hand either. The shipping was very fast and the service was great!
    They are very tasty and it is a healthy snack, but it does not spread too much for its price and many tend to come in pieces.
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