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Muchachitos whey - 200g

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Muchachitos Whey by Go-Food is a delicious, nutritious and crunchy snack made with an exclusive formula based on isolated whey proteins. It is low in sugar and with a high energy content. Muchachitos Whey by Go-Food, is perfect to enjoy and satisfy all the senses at any time of the day.

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    GoFood Whey Boys: A crunchy and delicious snack with a chocolate coating that will make your mouth water!

    Muchachitos Whey by GoFood, is a healthy alternative which is free of palm oil and added sugars. It can be consumed at any time of the day. This excellent, rich and crunchy delicacy is made with a formula based on wheat flour, proteins isolated from whey, coconut oil, cocoa butter and cocoa paste. Its ingredients will help you to raise energy levels that cope with the daily routine and provide a delicious flavour. It is the perfect product to be consumed by all the members of your family.

    Essentials of Muchachitos Whey by GoFood

    • It is a food supplement made with natural ingredients, free of palm oil and added sugars.
    • It contains a delicious chocolate coating and crunchy texture.
    • It has a high dose of energy and protein.
    • This excelllent product can be consumed as a mid-morning snack or as a snack throughout the day.
    • It is perfect to satisfy yourself and the rest of your family. 

    Ingredients and format of Muchachitos Whey by GoFood

    Muchachitos Whey by GoFood, has a comfortable and practical presentation in crunchy snacks. It is made with a nutritious and rich formula based on completely natural ingredients, which help maintain a balanced diet. Muchachitos Whey by GoFood is a food supplement free of palm oil, added sugars, harmful agents and pesticides.

    Content in each dose (100 g):

    • It contains 1979 kj / 472 kcal of energy value.
    • It contains 14.50 g of fat, of which 8.40 g are saturated fat.
    • It contains 58.42 grams of carbohydrates, of which 1.26 grams are sugars.
    • It contains 1.83 g of fiber.
    • It contains 25.00 g of protein.
    • It contains 0.25 g of salt.

    Benefits of Muchachitos Whey by GoFood

    Chocolate is a food with antioxidant properties that is obtained by mixing sugar, seeds and cocoa butter, which makes this an explosive and extraordinary combination for the palate. Among the components that make up chocolate are vitamin B1, caffeine, lipids, proteins, phosphorus, calcium and flavonoids, which help stimulate blood flow, raise good cholesterol, minimize blood pressure, maximize the elasticity of arterial walls, stimulate brain function, support the development of teeth and bones and regulate stress. Muchachitos Whey by GoFood, is a food supplement in the form of ragweed, made with isolated whey proteins, covered with a chocolate coating. It is free of palm oil, perfect to be used as a mid-morning snack or at anytime. Control your appetite and satisfy temptation with a healthy and completely natural way. It is a product which is easy to transport and can be consumed by children and adults.

    Muchachitos Whey by GoFood is a dietary supplement that can be consumed by fitness adepts, athletes and people in general who want to keep a balanced diet and raise energy levels to complete the daily routine.

    Recommended daily dose of Muchachitos Whey

    • As a dietary supplement, consume the amount you prefer.
    • Ingest at any time of the day.
    • Take the dose on a daily basis.

    Customer reviews: Muchachitos whey - 200g

    13 Reviews
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    A very rich snack of flavor and macronutrients perfectly adjustable to the diet. The price, the usual for this type of fit products.
    Very good product, it has incredible sbaor and very good macronutrients, ideal to take as a snack
    They are not bad in taste, but I expected more seeing the price they have. Macros are very good.
    It doesn't seem like a fit snack because its flavor is nailed to any traditional supermarket snack.
    They are very good, they give the hit compared to the original ones with sugar. Very good snack, I liked it a lot.
    They are very very good, a very successful flavor and it is great to treat yourself without spending too much
    Good whim of product, it is very good and yes it is true that the flavor has reminded me of the bones
    They are delicious, I always buy every time I place an order, perfect as a snack between meals.
    Good product to put sweet that is not dirty, the flavor is very good and the macros are quite good
    Some delicious wafers, with a distribution of macros quite suitable for sporadic snacking, without this having a very negative impact.
    I really like these cookies from this brand and the flavor because they are very successful. And for the price it's great.
    If you like chocolate bars, this product takes away your craving a lot, the price is quite good
    a little whim to take from time to time to disconnect the fat brain sometimes and at a good price
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