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GoFood is a Spanish brand of healthy food and food supplements that was born as an innovative project, with the aim of offering the market a wide line of items suitable for all audiences, of natural origin and rich in nutrients that support a healthy and balanced diet. and a healthy lifestyle.

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OUTLETPeanut butter - 750g - OUTLET
Peanut butter - 750g - OUTLETPaenaut butter
GoFood Peanut Butter is a natural cream based on 100% roasted peanuts; Traditionally ground on...
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SUMMERPiru Whey - 200 g GoFood - 1
Piru Whey - 200 gLight protein confectionery
Piru Whey from GoFood are delicious and crunchy filled wafers that provide truly unique...
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SUMMERMuchachitos whey - 200g GoFood - 1
Muchachitos whey - 200gSweetmeats and cookies
Muchachitos Whey by Go-Food is a delicious, nutritious and crunchy snack made with an exclusive...
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SUMMERNano whey - 200g GoFood - 1
Nano whey - 200gLight protein confectionery
Nano Whey by Go-Food is a super crunchy product with chocolate wafers filled with an exquisite...
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SUMMEROatmeal - 1 kg
Oatmeal - 1 kgSweet oatmeal
GoFood Oatmeal is a completely natural oatmeal, presented in different flavors for all tastes....
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GoFood is a brand of Spanish origin, specifically from the Canary Islands, which belongs to the Canary Group, which is why it is made up of a multidisciplinary team of young professionals who are continuously learning to generate ideas that offer the best to their customers, who are many more and that thanks to the trust they have placed in these years has allowed them to grow, to become one of the best in the industry; this thanks to the commitment with which it works and the extraordinary quality of its articles, which were made following specialized methods to offer the consumer the best, also being aware of the growing synergy between the different business areas, creating an interesting proposal in the sector of food and food supplements that, thanks to the commitment and trust of its customers, has been growing and consolidating until it has become a benchmark brand.

At GoFood they know perfectly well that your health is the most important thing, for this reason many of the items developed in this wonderful brand have the advantage that they can be consumed by diabetics or by people with some type of allergy, because they do not contain gluten, lactose, no added sugar, aspartame or any type of processed fat or palm oil, definitely top quality items, promoting healthy eating, fully compatible with any type of diet, also ideal for sportsmen and athletes of all kinds. Similarly, all the raw materials used in its formulas have certified quality and meet all safety and hygiene requirements.

GoFood offers a variety of articles that are perfectly adapted to your needs, since it is a brand that works for that, to reinvent itself and evolve hand in hand with you to meet what you are looking for and need and also adapting to advances in technology, This way is always at the forefront to give you the best. Among its range of articles, there are highly healthy and nutritious snacks, rich in proteins and with an exquisite flavor, it also offers a certified supplementary line and natural foods to comply with the diet that offer flavor and nutrition in an exceptional way.

GoFood is a responsible brand committed to the environment, collaborating with all the communities to which it belongs, to offer a positive change to society, taking into account general social benefits and also seriously involved, which guarantees its conviction of always give your best at all times. It is also a brand that came to be part of your life, to collaborate with your physical goals and your health, and thus be able to meet all your expectations in the best possible way.