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Fire Valyrio is a recent line of drinks inspired by the best series of the times. Manufactured by Due Company, which is a company that was born in Granada in 2014, and nowadays already has a wide range of innovative and high quality products to bring to the table of their consumers really exquisite alternatives.

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11% dtoValyrian fire - 700ml
Valyrian fire - 700mlFuego Valyrio
Valyrian fire is the drink inspired by a famous series of fiction, the authentic fire of the...
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Fuego Valyrio is a new line of drinks made by Due Company, which was inspired by one of the most shocking and interesting series of all time: Games of Thrones. In its composition it is based pure science fiction, elaborated by fire of bottled dragon and hot cinnamon; when shaken it gives off a series of flashes and metallic colors that remind to the true potion that the alchemists of the series make when they try to forge the fire of the dragons and with which also they manage to demolish entire cities.

Due Company is a manufacturer that today is located in Granada, and although it was created three years ago, fortunately, it has achieved an excellent track record to develop and distribute foods and drinks of great innovation to different parts of the world. Now, the idea of inventing a completely new line was born with the desire to design something that went beyond the traditional, that is, it had a great flavor and in turn generated a series of magical sensations to those who consumed it. The result was Fuego Valyrio: one of the last most impressive works of this company.

Due Company has the best production methods which are subject to high quality standards. To that effect, first, it carefully selects each of the ingredients, then tests them for analysis and finally processes them in a series of steps until they achieve delicious nectars. Generally, to obtain the best Elixir of Fuego Valyrio, this is filtered in several stages of elaboration, as for example, in alcoholic fermentation, and the result is packaged and conditioned for sale.

Fortunately, all these products are made in advanced high-tech facilities to ensure high-quality production. In addition, the warehouses that preserve the wines or nectars are designed to protect for a long time and also to guarantee their conservation in quality. For greater consumer benefits, this manufacturer remains in force in terms of consumer safety since all its products are manufactured under ISO, IFS and BRC certificates.

Anyone who wants to taste Fuego Valyrio can do it, as Due Company is one of the companies that strives to make its whole product line available around the planet. Fuego Valyrio is distributed in most of Europe, and thanks to the excellent reviews that have been achieved until now, its production and sales has been distributed to other countries, resulting in a rapid growth and expansion.

Fuego Valyrio is a magical passage to the all-time best series. To enjoy it and to taste it properly is an appropriate opportunity to understand the true charm of the characters and story have captivated so many people.