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Natural salmon - 160g

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Natural Salmon by Frinsa is a canned salmon from Norway, without skin or bones. It is ready to eat. A piece of fresh tenderloin, canned with mineral water and Himalayan salt with a 100% natural flavour and without smoking. It is a highly beneficial foodstuff for athletes, protein diets or for a healthy diet. Its exclusive raw canning process and high temperature sterilization without further cooking, preserves all the properties of this food supplement and softens and accelerates digestion.

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    Natural Salmon by Frinsa: low in fat and a natural source of omega 3.

    Salmon is a peculiar fish that is born in freshwater rivers but then passes into the sea. It returns to the river or lake from which they originate to spawn. That is why, it is used to move in both types of water. It is an oily fish with a high percentage of healthy fats such as Omega 3.

    Natural Salmon by Frinsa is an authentic Norwegian Atlantic salmon. You should not expect the typical canned salmon with filleted tecnique. It is a natural and compact loin taco, covered in mineral water with Himalayan salt as the only ingredients.

    Once canned, it goes through your exclusive raw sterilization process, which involves semi-cooking in its own juice that keeps most of its benefits.

    On the other hand, the preparation is very different from smoking, since it is cured with salt for a time to infiltrate the fish. In the case of Natural Salmon by Frinsa, the salt simply adds a slight touch of flavour during the sterilization process.

    To sum up, Natural Salmon by Frinsa is a healthy food that provides protein (it is recommended to also take its juice to take a 100% advantage) and Omega 3 fatty acids. It is highly recommended for athletes, children or for a balanced diet.

    Essential aspects of Natural Salmon by Frinsa per 100g drained weight

    • It provides 934 kJ / 224 kcal of energy value
    • It has 22.5g of protein
    • It contains 14.9g of fat, of which 1.9g are saturated
    • It has 1.2g of salt
    • Norway salmon is between 3 and 5 kg without skin or bone

    Components and format of Frinsa Natural Salmon

    This food supplement is presented in a 160g container

    Among its ingredients it has the following:

    • Salmon
    • Natural mineral water
    • Pink Himalayan Salt

    What is achieved with Natural Salmon by Frinsa?

    • Proteins are a support for the maintenance, growth and repair of body tissues and your muscles, providing strength.
    • Natural Salmon by Frinsa is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids, associated with a multitude of benefits as evidenced by this study, and omega 6, fats that contain fat-soluble vitamins A and D.
    • It is also a source of potassium, phosphorus, proteins and iodine; necessary to convert food into energy and for thyroid function.
    • This Canned Natural Salmon by Frinsa has the advantage over smoked salmon, that its salt content is much lower by avoiding the curing process with smoked salt, so it is recommended for people with low salt diets to wish to eat salmon.
    • Recently, the Stockholm Institute of Environmental Medicine has published a study on 32,000 women concluding that consuming at least one serving of salmon a week reduces the chances of developing arthritis by 29%.

    Recommended daily dose of Frinsa Natural Salmon

    • It is a food supplement that can be eaten directly from the can itself or on a plate, as well as serving as a garnish with other cold recipes and even as the main ingredient in fish recipes to reduce the recipe process.
    • As long as the Natural Salmon by Frinsa remains closed, it can be well preserved in dry and cool places with preferential consumption of 4 years from manufacture. Once opened, keep it in the refrigerator and consume in a few days.

    Customer reviews: Natural salmon - 160g

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    Although its price is quite high, to consume it sporadically it is especially good, especially if you want to add it to salads. The flavor is very good although, perhaps, like all canned products, it tends to lack a small excess of salt.
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