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Natural Albacore- 160g - Ribeira

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Natural Albacore by Ribeira is a natural source of protein that will provide you with optimal physical well-being. It is perfect to immediately be part of your healthy diet, as it is a high-quality super nutritious food that provides great benefits to your health. It will help you to have a healthier lifestyle.

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    Enjoy the delicious and nutritious Natural Albacore by Ribeira, a foodstuff that will bring great benefits to your health and will collaborate with your physical goals.

    Natural Albacore by Ribeira is a nutritious food with a completely natural origin. It only contains white tuna, natural mineral water and pink Himalayan salt. It is a rich source of protein and beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, making it special to be part of healthy diets, such as those used by athletes and people who take care of their body and their health, it has no sugars of any kind and is low in fat, preserving its properties as it is in nature. Natural Albacore by Ribeira is a species of white tuna, known to be one of the most nutritious fish that exist. Thanks to its content of omega 3 fatty acids and its low fat content, is highly recommended for people who follow healthy diets. It does not only collaborates with your physical composition and to keep a good body, but also supports good health of the body. Natural Albacore by Ribeira contains the best quality of white tuna, obtained through certified sustainable fishing, without artificial additives. It is a 100% natural and highly nutritious foodstuff.

    What is Natural Albacore by Ribeira?

    • It is natural albacore with salt and mineral water.
    • It is a natural source of protein.
    • It does not have any artificial components.
    • It has no sugars.
    • It has a low fat content.
    • It is rich in omega 3.
    • It supports good health.
    • It is perfect for healthy diets.

    Ingredients and format of Natural Albacore by Ribeira

    This incredible foodstuff is packaged in a container that provides its optimal conservation of natural Albacore, pink Himalayan salt and mineral water. It does not contain artificial components, making it compatible with your healthy diet.

    Content per 100 g:

    • It contains 142 Kcal of energy
    • It has 2.9 grams of fat, of which 1 gram is saturated
    • It has 29 grams of protein
    • It has 1.9 grams of salt
    • It has 0.1 g of omega 3 (EPA + DHA)

    Benefits of Natural Albacore by Ribeira

    Natural Albacore by Ribeira is a very nutritious food, perfect to eat on a daily basis, since it collaborates efficiently with your physical goals and also with your health. It is rich in proteins, which makes it special for the consumption of athletes. At the same time, it is of completely natural origin and it is ready to eat, so you can eat it directly, alone or as a side dish. Its natural flavour will surely delight you.

    Natural Albacore by Ribeira is perfect for athletes and anyone looking for a natural and nutritious food that improves their healthy and balanced diet. So that, it will help you to keep a healthy lifestyle. It is perfect for those looking for a natural fish to eat in their daily routine. It is definitely a high quality food that only Ribeira can offer you.

    Recommended daily dose of Natural Albacore by Ribeira

    • Eat it alone or as a side dish in your meals.
    • Enjoy it as many times as you want.
    • Eat it on a daily basis and enjoy its fantastic benefits.

    Customer reviews: Natural Albacore- 160g - Ribeira

    5 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    One of the few brands that works with Bonito al natural. The truth is that it is very expensive, but for sporadic consumption it is very good, both for flavor and for the variety of dishes to be made with it. Shipping and perfect service, as Masmusculo always uses !! ;)
    I do not usually buy this type of food or products of this type on the web, always in the super jj, but I saw it and decided to share it with the rest of the order that I make monthly on the page more muscle. And the truth that I am very happy with this tuna of Ribeira brand I will order it again soon.
    It is very tasty, especially to add to vegetables or salads quickly and easily. It is quite expensive, but for sporadic consumption it is very good, thus varying our protein source. I usually add a couple of cans to each order, since it is the cheapest place to find it.
    excellent product, fresh and natural, very good taste to eat it that way directly, it can also be cooked in several ways but without a doubt it is better than any canned tuna or sardines that you find out there, for salads or to accompany toast this great
    A fairly good tasting product that is convenient and quick to prepare. I usually have a can at home that can get me out of a hurry, but I don't have more and I consume it more regularly because its price is also quite high. The shipment was slightly delayed this time, but it's understandable with the buzz lately.
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