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Ribeira is a brand of Frinsa, one of the largest manufacturers of canned tuna and shellfish in Europe, supplier of fish and shellfish distribution brand to the large European chains, founded in 1961 in Ribeira, Galicia.

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Natural Tuna - 1 kg (Bag)
Natural Tuna - 1 kg (Bag)Preserved fish
Natural Tuna from Ribeira is the natural tuna with highest quality and highest protein value on...
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6% dtoNatural chicken - 160g Ribeira  - 1
Natural chicken - 160gPreserved meats
Natural Chicken by Frinsa is a fresh breast of a natural chicken with an excellent consistency....
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5% dtoNatural salmon - 160g Ribeira  - 1
Natural salmon - 160gPreserved fish
Natural Salmon by Frinsa is a canned salmon from Norway, without skin or bones. It is ready to...
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6% dtoNatural Tuna in 160 g of the brand Frinsa in the section of preserved fish
Natural Tuna - 160 gPreserved fish
This Natural Light Tuna from Frinsa will provide you with top quality tuna, which preserves its...
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Natural salmon - 160g
Natural Salmon - 160gPreserved fish
Natural Salmon from Ribeira is a red salmon from Norway, natural, high protein and 100%...
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5% dtoWhite tuna from the north presentation of 160g in the group of preserved fish of the manufacturer Frinsa
White tuna from the north - 160gPreserved fish
Bonito del Norte al Natural de Frinsa is 100% natural northern bonito with mineral water and...
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6% dtoNatural hake in 160g in the group of preserved fish of the manufacturer Frinsa
Natural hake - 160gPreserved fish
Hake in Natural Frinsa is a natural food that consists of excellent quality Cape hake, combined...
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6% dtoNatural turkey breast - 160g Ribeira  - 1
Natural turkey breast - 160gPreserved meats
Natural Turkey Breast by Frinsa is a 100% natural and healthy food which is ready to eat at any...
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This brand supplies a wide variety of canned fish and shellfish, in products intended for the final consumer or for industrial uses, hotels and large companies.

The objective of this company is the production of high quality preserves, satisfying the needs of its clients in a way that respects the environment; Thus, it has obtained the most important certifications in food safety, production quality and sustainability of fishery resources, such as ISO 9001 2008, environmental certifications ISO 14001 2004, British Retail Consortium and International Food Standard, among others.

Frinsa also collaborates with organizations that protect marine resources.

Ribeira offers high-quality fish and shellfish, products made in plants with high technology capacity, with raw materials that are carefully traced and through healthy and clean processes, regulated by a large technological and human quality control team that guarantees the maximum quality of the products. canned chicken and fish that it sells.

Frinsa's commitment to the sustainability of marine resources has led the company to carry out important environmental actions that indicate its responsibility and ethics in the way it works to cause the least possible environmental impact.

The principles on which its commitment is based are the protection of the marine environment and the defense of ecological balance, the rational use of resources applying precautionary criteria based on science, the development of responsible fishing that avoids overexploitation that depletes resources, the creation and conservation of marine reserves, the promotion of the use of less aggressive methods for fishing in order to respect the rest of the species and the fight against unregulated illegal fishing.

Ribeira ensures traceability throughout the production chain and transparency in all processes, which guarantees that the packaged products that reach homes are healthy, safe and offer the highest quality.

This is how consumers can count on high-quality natural protein products such as Natural Yellowfin Tuna and Natural Chicken Breast from Ribeira, ideal foods for athletes.

Ribeira Light Tuna, with a high content of Omega 3 and protein, very low in fat, is a healthy food made with cutting-edge technology that guarantees the absence of contaminants. Ribeira Chicken Breast, of great flavor and quality, is one of the favorite foods for athletes and lovers of healthy living, it is 100% natural and provides the necessary nutrients for a protein diet.