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The Fight and Fitness company is North American and is known for offering high quality products in the sports world. Its catalog includes knee pads, wristbands, gloves, hooks, girdles, belts, handles and other offers. For this reason, this company is a recognized provider of gyms and other training sites. The versatility and quality of its manufactures have earned it predilections, being a highly recommended company.

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Lifting Hooks FandF [181]
Lifting Hooks FandF [181]Hooks
Fight and Fitness Lifting hooks [181] Lifting hooks are indispensable when doing deadlifts,...
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Fit abdominal belt F&F
Abdominal BeltBelts
Abdominal Belt from F&F is an abdominal shaper that models the abdomen and waist, and...
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Gloves with wirst protection FandF [123]
Gloves with wirst protection FandF [123]Gloves
Fight and FitnessGloves with wrist protection The Fight & Fitness gloves are an essential...
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Professional Neoprene Belt FandF [164]
Professional Neoprene Belt FandF [164]Belts
Fight and Fitness Professional Neoprene Weightlifting belt   Neoprene Fight and Fitness...
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Gloves with wrist protection - FandF [145]
Gloves with wrist protection - FandF [145]Gloves
Fight and Fitness Gloves with wrist protection   The Fight & Fitness gloves are an essential...
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The Fight and Fitness company is North American and is known in the international market for selling sports accessories of various kinds. As its name suggests, its offers are aimed at the fitness, bodybuilding, body pump, weightlifting sector, etc. In this sense, they have gained significant prestige in these areas, especially because their products are of very good quality. quality and are able to withstand the hard work to which they are subjected.

The catalog of this company offers a wide variety of items. All are oriented to physical training and have excellent manufacturing controls, therefore being highly requested in different parts of the world. Its offer is based on a mixture of variety, but at the same time a certain level of specialization. This is achieved thanks to the fact that it serves two areas. The first concerns the items to carry out the training, as well as everything necessary to achieve proper protection that allows for adequate physical condition.

Some of their alternatives include items such as knee pads, wrist wraps, gloves, training hooks, waist trainers, belts to protect the hips in case of lifting heavy weights, lifting handles and wrist strap handles. As you can see, this company is very inclined to the gym category, to training carried out in closed spaces. Many of its products are very oriented towards working with weights, or with what kind of gymnastic machinery. For this reason, they are regular providers of sports training sites, both amateur and professional. However, some products―such as gloves―can also be safely used outdoors, cycling or in other activities.

One of the characteristics of the Fight and Fitness company is its concern for the issue of safety in training. Although many things seem to be under control in gyms, it happens that making excessive efforts to lift heavy weights can lead to other types of problems, such as wear on the joints, damage to the lower back, spinal column problems and certain inconveniences. plus. For example, this company sells gloves with a perfect grip to prevent sweating, preventing dumbbells from slipping from the hands and falling on the feet, thus causing serious injuries.

A good point in favor of Fight and Fitness is that it uses very high quality materials, added to the fact that its products are very resistant, do not wear out, are long lasting and are very ergonomic. Among its raw materials we have neoprene, elastic bands, velcro closures, filling rubbers and elastic meshes. This allows them to adapt perfectly to the body, not to cause friction on the skin and to be very resistant. Without a doubt, this company is a benchmark for supplies in the sports world and therefore always has high recommendations.