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Equisalud is a company that was born on January 22, 1992, created by the Spanish biologist and pharmacist Antonio Vega, who is an expert in making phytotherapy formulas, and that over the years has become a of the brands preferred by people to strengthen their health.

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OUTLETestresvital 60 cáps
EstresVital from Equisalud is a food supplement presented in convenient capsules; that provides...
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OUTLETholoram reguline m 60 cáps
HOLORAM REGULINE M 560 mg - 60 caps - OUTLETOther Fat Burners
HOLORAM REGULINE M 560 mg from Equisalud is brought to you in a presentation of 60 capsules.
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OUTLETholofit propóleo 180 cáps
HOLOFIT PROPOLEO 180 cap - OUTLETImmunological System
HOLOFIT PROPOLEO cap manufactured by EQUISALUD with presentation 180 caps
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BACK-GYMHolofit Resveratrol - 60 capsules Equisalud - 1
Holofit Resveratrol - 60 capsulesAntioxidants
Holofit Resveratrol from Equisalud is a very effective nutritional supplement, made from a...
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BACK-GYMholofit pasiflora 180 cáps
HOLOFIT PASIFLORA - 180 capsAnti-Stress
HOLOFIT PASIFLORA from Equisalud is presented in a 180-cap format.
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BACK-GYMyap-9 31 ml
YAP 09 MENOPAUSIA 31 mlSpecial for Women
YAP 09 MENOPAUSE from the manufacturer EQUISALUD in a 31 ml dropper container.
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BACK-GYMAyurveda Clove - 50 capsules Equisalud - 1
Ayurveda Clove - 50 capsulesDigestive
Ayurveda Clove from Equisalud is a supplement that takes advantage of the properties of...
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BACK-GYMpai-11 holopai (circulacion cerebral)31ml
HOLOPAI 11 - 31 mlCirculatory System
HOLOPAI 11 from Equisalud is an excellent product for your kids.
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BACK-GYMholopai 13 31ml.
HOLOPAI 13 31mImmunological System
HOLOPAI 13 m by EQUISALUD with 31ml presentation
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BACK-GYMholopai 8 31ml.
HOLOPAI 8 31 mlGeneral improvement
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Antonio Vega is the founder of Equisalud , an expert in the creation of phytotherapy formulas, that is, formulations that contribute to the strengthening and improvement of health based exclusively on the medicinal properties of plants and plant extracts. Born in 1992, and after more than 20 years of experience, Equisalud is today a brand that has grown remarkably and has boosted its production capacity, where today it has produced an immense variety of food supplements that help improve overall health. Each person, with any type of health problem, can go to Equisalud supplements and will surely find in this brand everything they need to obtain the results they want, based on the properties of 100% natural ingredients, without artificial additives or chemicals harmful to the body.

Equisalud throughout its history and brought to the market a variety of different lines of supplements inspired by traditional medicine. Just in the first year of foundation, Equisalud had already manufactured the Holopai line of supplements and the Yap line, the latter inspired by the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. For that same year, the line of Holoprolis supplements was also created, which takes full advantage of the multiple properties and health benefits obtained from propolis extract. But that was not all, but in 1992 the line of Oligotherapy and a variety of supplements for external use were also created, especially aimed at skin care, which proved to be extremely effective for the treatment of burns and a wide variety of conditions. of the skin.

Equisalud continued to carry out a wide variety of research, which is why in 1993 the brand began formulating herbal teas, taking advantage of the medicinal power of organically grown plants, which would later become a line of supplements. called Ecological Holotisanas. A year later , Equisalud ventured into the world of training health professionals in holistic phytotherapy, which at that time was aimed exclusively at therapists and doctors from different areas of Spain, which was very well received and accepted by who participated in these trainings. Equisalud was also acquiring better equipment with higher technology, such as the acquisition of high-pressure liquid chromatography equipment, which would allow them to develop new formulas and perfect their formulations, which would later allow them to develop their first supplements in capsules and create new lines such as Holofit , Holotox and Holovit, the latter characterized by the incorporation of a large amount of vitamins obtained from yeast cultures, providing greater bioavailability. To date, Equisalud has expanded its reach, reaching countries such as Mexico, Germany, the United States, Greece, Poland, among others, offering the best natural supplements for improving health.