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Mix - 9g

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Mix by ElevenFit is a food complement to prepare delicious and healthy drinks with an extraordinary fruit flavour. The best thing about Mix by ElevenFit is that it is healthier than a soda since it does not contain added sugars and a very low calorie content. It is perfect to support weight loss diets.

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    Quench your thirst with all the delicious and extraordinary flavours offered by instant drinks. Mix by ElevenFit is sugar-free and it doesn´t have calories.

    To be hydrated is really important, since hydration can keep you active for longer time. If you are a sportsperson, it can give you the extra boost needed to continue your training. Mix by ElevenFit is a complement that will allow you to have a refreshing moment with a drink whenever you need it. You will be pleased with its delicious fruity flavour. Mix by ElevenFit is the perfect choice, since this drink is free of sugar, aspartame (artificial sweetener))and other ingredients that can be negative for your health. Besides that, ElevenFit Mix has a very low calorie content, so it is perfectly healthy and it can even be an excellent help for weight loss diets. Mix by ElevenFit offers you an intense flavour of diverse and exotic fruits, which will allow you to cool down and hydrate your body at any moment.

    Main characteristics of Mix by Eleven Fit

    • It is a drink that you can be instantly prepared
    • It has a delicious fruity flavour
    • It is a totally sugar free drink
    • It has a very low calorie content
    • It is highly refreshing
    • It helps you to be hydrated
    • It is the perfect help in weight loss or hypocaloric diets
    • You can prepare a good amount of drink
    • It is easy to dissolve
    • It can be used to prepare different desserts
    • You can carry it with you and prepare it wherever you want
    • It has different flavours
    • It can be used to prepare different recipes in your kitchen
    • It is perfect for the hydration of athletes and sportspeople
    • It does not contain carbohydrates
    • It is perfect to prepare delicious cocktails
    • It does not contain aspartame

    What is in each container of Mix by Eleven Fit?

    Mix by ElevenFit is an instant powdered drink that comes in a practical package, that you can dissolve in a big amount of water and have an instant refreshing and delicious drink.

    Mix instant drinks by ElevenFit are made with the best quality ingredients to have a unique and delicious flavour. Mix by ElevenFit also has vitamin C, a vitamin with different healthy benefits for your body.

    Content per 100 ml (melon flavour):

    • It provides 2Kcal
    • It has 0g of fat
    • It has 0g carbohydrates
    • It contains 0g of sugars

    Why drink the Eleven Fit Mix?

    Mix by ElevenFit is an instant drink that you can take with you wherever you go, to prepare a delicious refreshing drink and stay hydrated with an extraordinary fruit flavour and without worrying about the calories or added sugars.

    Mix by ElevenFit can be used by anyone, especially sportspeople and athletes or people with low calorie or weight control diets.

    Recommended daily dosage of Mix by Eleven Fit

    • As an instant drink, dissolve the content (9 g) in 1.5l of water
    • Take it anytime you want
    • It can be used every day and as many times as necessary

    Customer reviews: Mix - 9g

    25 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    An essential purchase for my day to day, it gives an incredible flavor to both water and desserts
    the mix the truth is that it is the alternative to be able to drink water therefore it is the best invention
    These flavorings for yoghurts or vegetable or non-milk dairy, they go great, I usually mix it with soy to use it in my cereals
    These flavorings for yoghurts or vegetable or non-milk dairy, they go great, I usually mix it with soy to use it in my cereals
    The sweet flavors, in water, are horrible, but if they are added to the whipped cheese they are spectacular. As for the rest of the flavors, quite good in general.
    It was before the boleros until I tried the mixes, free of sugars and fats, and super good with an ideal flavor for water or pastries
    A nice and tasty way to give the water a touch of flavor, especially now in hot summer. There are many flavors and you can also make desserts with them. I recommend them all
    I'm hooked on the mix, they are delicious and part only contains vitamin C and no sugars, calories or carbohydrates.
    In my opinion, better than the Boleros. I have not tried any that I disliked and, especially the sweet flavors, they are great with the whipped cheese.
    Little can be said about the Mix envelopes, they have flavors that bolero does not have, so I am happy
    The sweet flavors are really good, especially with whipped cheese. On the contrary, I think that the rest of the flavors are not at the level of the competition.
    The sweet flavors are really good, especially with whipped cheese. On the contrary, I think that the rest of the flavors are not at the level of the competition.
    What good flavorings, I was tired of the others who always taste the same, on top of that the variety is huge and it shows.
    I use them to prepare jellies and the truth is that they are wonderful and offer a very powerful flavor with a small amount.
    These flavorings for water are very good, they have very good flavors
    For the hottest season they are wonderful to flavor so much water that I drink, recommended
    These flavorings for water are very good, they have very good flavors
    The flavor in water, of sweets, leaves a lot to be desired, but with yogurt they are really good.
    the mixes are spectacular and most of the flavors without a doubt I have to admit that it is the best to drink water
    The sweet flavors give the whipped cheese a great flavor. The brownie and chocolate egg flavors are delightful.
    Questions and answers
    Es perjudicial para los hipertensos? Gracias
    2023-02-14 18:33:56 Paco
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    Se puede mezclar con creatina o glutamina para dar sabor?
    2022-10-17 21:10:18 Rubén Cervera
    Hola Rubén, claro que si, de hecho es el mismo edulcorante que llevan los demás suplementos, Saludos
    2022-10-18 09:49:33 Jose Antonio
    Add a response
    hola son apto para veganos los mix de eleve? gracias
    2022-10-04 22:12:47 yurena
    hola yurena puede consumir cualquier tipo de persona ya que solo incorpora vitamina c en la informacion nutricional lo indica,gracias y un saludo
    2022-10-05 09:25:42 SALVA VALENCIA
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    Hola... Quería saber si hay una dosis máxima recomendada, o puedo tomar varios sobres al día. Suelo echar uno en las claras, uno en la avena, uno en el quedo fresco batido y uno para beber con agua... Son demasiados o no pasa nada?
    2022-05-17 08:30:45 Jorge
    Hola Jorge No pasa nada, no hay una dosis maxima Saludos
    2022-05-17 09:55:12 Masmusculo
    Add a response
    Hola! Quería saber si se puede utilizar con agua caliente y en la realización de postres, galletas,... que vamos a poner en el horno. Gracias
    2020-08-10 10:10:08 Maite
    Hola, sí, lo puedes usar para elaborar recetas, el producto lo puedes calentar sin problemas, un saludo.
    2020-08-10 10:34:02 CRISTOBAL
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