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Eladiet is a recognized brand of nutritional supplements of natural origin, which is responsible for helping health, using 100% natural ingredients, under state-of-the-art procedures and scientific certification for the health and well-being of people. Today it is positioned as one of the most reliable natural supplement brands on the market.

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Vita woman cimicifuga - 60 tablets
Vita woman cimicifuga - 60 tabletsSpecial for Women
Vita Woman Cimicífuga by Eladiet is a food supplement created to promote female health during...
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Valerian - 60 tablets
Valerian - 60 tabletsAnti-Stress
Valerian from Eladiet is a food supplement that contains a high concentration of valerian,...
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Centella asiatica - 60 tablets
Centella asiatica - 60 tabletsHair Care
Centella Asiatica from Eladiet is a dietary supplement that day by day helps to maintain venous...
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Digest gases - 60 tablets
Digest gases - 60 tabletsDigestive
Digest Gases by Eladiet is an effective high-quality food supplement, made from a powerful...
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Fennel - 60 tablets Eladiet - 1
Fennel - 60 tabletsDigestive
Fennel from Eladiet is a food supplement in tablets, it has been made from Fennel and is...
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Red vine - 60 tablets
Red vine - 60 tabletsOther Fat Burners
Red Vine from Eladiet is a food supplement that effectively contributes to maintaining the...
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Vit&min magnesium + potassium - 14 tablets effervescent
Vit&min magnesium + potassium - 14 tablets effervescentMultivitamin Complexes
Vit & Min Magnesium + Potassium from Eladiet is a food supplement that has the purpose of...
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Eladiet was founded in 1985 by Amelia Boix, who at that time owned a small family business in charge of manufacturing and selling perfumes and essences; but that for that year, he would decide to open his own phytotherapy laboratory, that is, a place where he could create supplements that would help to alleviate and help cure health problems, based on the medicinal properties of plants and plant species. This is how Eladiet was born, a brand that today has the backing of science, which guarantees its effectiveness and quality of its supplements, whose results are endorsed and certified by the large number of people in different parts of the world who have seen improvement. your health from the use of supplements manufactured by this excellent brand.

Eladiet manufactures food supplements for the improvement of health and general well-being, exclusively from plant species and extracts of medicinal plants carefully treated, studied and processed; under strict quality control and processed with technology that enhances the natural properties of each ingredient in its formula, in order to guarantee the best results, and that each supplement is safe for people to consume, without causing any reaction secondary to your health, which is very common in supplements that incorporate artificial and genetically altered ingredients. Eladiet uses her extensive knowledge of the benefits that nature offers, in order to promote a much healthier lifestyle, putting at the service of people, nutritional supplements that help the health of anyone who purchases one of the items that this manufactures brand

With the passage of time and after more than 30 years of experience, Eladiet continues to be a family business, but not only for phytotherapy, but now it is a complete pharmaceutical laboratory that uses medicinal plants to create food supplements in a much broader sense. Eladiet is committed to people's health, which is reflected in the passionate work of each of the people who are part of this company, keeping up to date with the latest scientific and technological advances that allow the creation of increasingly effective food supplements, with innovative and effective formulas, using the best components and guaranteeing the highest quality available in each of the articles it manufactures, always motivated to contribute to the well-being of people. Today in Eladiet , you can find a wide catalog of supplements that will help you improve your health in different areas that range from the optimal supply of nutrients for your body, to effective treatments to combat various health problems. Supplements that can be used from young people to elderly adults, including sportsmen and athletes; Each and every one of these people will be able to find in Eladiet the ideal complement for what they need.