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Unleavened yeast - 150g

Ecosana's Unmarried Yeast is a yeast of natural origin, which has been treated to eliminate its bitter taste, and which has an excellent nutritional value, since it provides good amounts of vegetable protein and amino acids, ideal to complement your diet. Ecosana's Unmarried Yeast can be eaten directly or sprinkled on juices, yogurts or your favorite dessert.

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    Give your preparations, desserts or meals, a healthy touch and high nutritional value, with Ecosana's Un-sour Yeast

    Ecosana's Unbrown Yeast is a yeast treated in a natural way, to eliminate the bitter taste that characterizes yeast. This product has been made using as raw material, yeast from certified organic farming, which guarantees a product of excellent quality and with the best nutritional contributions. Ecosana's Un-sourdough Yeast is rich in proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and also in minerals and B vitamins that it provides naturally. With this yeast you can give a healthy touch to your preparations, be they desserts, drinks, meals, yogurts etc. Or simply to enjoy between meals, eating directly from the packaging.

    Essential Aspects of EcoSana De-Bitter Yeast

    • It is a 100% natural yeast
    • From certified organic farming for better quality
    • Contains proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals
    • Ideal for sprinkling on food, desserts or drinks
    • Helps fight fatigue and exhaustion
    • Promotes the strengthening of nails, skin and hair
    • Provides a good amount of amino acids for muscle strengthening
    • It does not contain gluten, and is free of side effects

    What does the debittered yeast contribute ?

    Ecosana's Un-sour Yeast is a yeast that comes in a 150 gr powder presentation, perfect for incorporating into meals or sprinkling on other preparations, even drinks, in order to provide extra protein and offer you a healthier diet.

    Content per 100 gr:
    • It has an energy value of 341 Kcal
    • Contains 4.2 g of fat where only 0.6 g are saturated fat
    • Contains 40.2 g of carbohydrates
    • Its protein content is 46.4 gr
    • Provides 21.7 g of fiber

    Benefits of EcoSana Un-sourced Yeast

    This product is designed to accompany meals, desserts or drinks, incorporate them into your favorite preparations, or eat directly. One of the outstanding aspects of the Ecosana Un-sourced Yeast is its fiber content, which helps to improve intestinal transit and at the same time creates a feeling of satiety that allows you to combat the anxiety of eating late.

    Ecosana Un-sourced Yeast is ideal for those who want to maintain their weight while consuming good amounts of protein. On the other hand, its protein intake is perfect for people who seek to incorporate extra protein in their meals or drinks, and can even be used by athletes, since it also contains a good amount of amino acids to help muscle development. This product can be consumed by people with vegan diets since its nutritional contribution is of totally natural and vegetable origin.

    How to use the Un-sour yeast?

    • Add the desired amount to your favorite foods or beverages, or eat straight from the packaging.
    • Can be consumed between meals or whenever you want
    • Consume as many times as you want
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