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Red quinoa bio - 400g

Ecosana Red Quinoa is a fantastic nutritional food of excellent quality made with carefully selected 100% organic red quinoa grains, it is an excellent substitute for other less nutritious cereals, it has a more intense flavor than white quinoa and it is perfect for preparing classic recipes. baked or salty in a much healthier version.

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    If you are looking for a healthy alternative for your recipes, Red Quinoa from Ecosana is the best option that provides important nutrients to your daily diet.

    The prestigious Ecosana brand has developed a high quality product, specially made to provide a 100% healthy diet, it is Ecosana Red Quinoa, a food with important nutritional properties for the body, increases protein consumption and is ideal to create infinity of both sweet and savory recipes, it is also perfect for thickening sauces. It is a gluten-free cereal rich in vitamins and minerals and has anti-inflammatory properties, provides an intense and unique flavor to your recipes, contributing to a rich and healthy cuisine. Take advantage of this wonderful Ecosana product and enjoy its great benefits. Acquire this wonderful product right now that will bring multiple benefits to you in each dose, allowing you to feel full of vitality every day.

    What are the characteristics of Quinoa Roja Bio from EcoSana ?

    • Has a rich source of plant protein
    • Contains anti-inflammatory properties
    • It has an excellent source of nutrients
    • Provides an intense flavor to your favorite recipes
    • Provides a healthy and balanced diet
    • Ideal for vegans 100% natural and ecological product

    What does Quinoa Roja Bio provide ?

    This fantastic product comes in a very convenient and easy-to-open presentation, it is made with the highest quality of red quinoa specially selected without pesticides or organisms that can affect health, providing you with its benefits more effectively.

    Content per 100 gr:
    • It has an energy value of 388 Kcal
    • Has 6.6 g of fat, of which 1 g are saturated fat
    • It has 68.7 g of carbohydrates, without sugar content
    • It has 7.1 grams of fiber
    • It has 13 grams of protein
    • Has 0.005 g of salt

    Benefits of Organic Red Quinoa from EcoSana

    This incredible product is a healthy alternative that gives your recipes an intense and particular flavor, it is the best substitute for much less nutritious cereals since it increases your protein consumption, which makes it a product with properties that you will not find in any other . It has an anti-inflammatory effect, it does not contain gluten or added sugars, it is an organic food with a high fiber content that can be taken in both sweet and savory recipes. It is definitely a product that you cannot stop adding to your diet from now on.

    Quinoa Roja Bio from ecosana is ideal for people who want to maintain a healthy diet, since it is a natural product without chemical addictives which also makes it perfect for vegans. It is easy to prepare and provides a unique flavor and texture to your meals.

    How to consume Organic Red Quinoa?

    • Use the necessary amount in your favorite recipes
    • Take both in sweet and savory recipes
    • Take at the time of day you prefer
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