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ISO 100 - 2,2Kg

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ISO 100 de Dymatize is the whey protein of ultra-rapid absorption, one of the purest of the market. Supports muscle building, protects the muscles, helps recover quickly. With a new delicious flavour, 100% hydrolyzate of whey protein isolate, one of the purest forms of protein. With seal Sport Trusted Choice, completely healthy and free of banned substances.

    • Gluten FreeGluten Free
    • How is it taken?
      How is it taken?
      Dissolve in liquid and mix
    • How many times?
      How many times?
      From one to three times a day
    • When should it be taken?
      When should it be taken?
      After training and between meals Before, during and / or after training On an empty stomach and after training
    • What do you take it for?
      What do you take it for?
      Recuperacion y desarrollo muscular
    • Usos
      Definición Muscular Gain muscle mass

    ISO 100 Dymatize: The Whey Protein of Ultra-fast Absorption

    ISO 100 Dymatize is the whey protein of ultra-rapid absorption, one of the purest of the market.

    Supports muscle building, protects the muscles, helps recover quickly.

    With a new delicious flavour, 100% hydrolyzate of whey protein isolate, one of the purest forms of protein. With seal Sport Trusted Choice, completely healthy and free of banned substances.

    Designed for athletes training intensely. It helps achieve the objectives faster and build muscle mass intelligently, with an optimal combination of nutrition and hard work in the gym.

    Provides 25 grams of hydrolyzate made up of 100% whey protein isolate , 5.5 grams of BCAAs including L-leucine, no gluten, no lactose and less than 1 gram of sugar and fat per serving.

    ISO 100 Dymatize is formulated to have an ultra-rapid absorption, the necessary to stop catabolism in the morning and speed recovery after training. It is designed for athletes who train intensively, offering everything your body needs to maintain muscle mass and build muscle more effectively. As the ISO-100 standard consists of 100% hydrolyzate of whey protein isolate, you can ensure optimal nutrients without fillers, which are commonly used in these products.

    The hydrolyzate of whey protein isolate is one of the most effective proteins, and one of the most advanced formulas that can be found currently. The protein is hydrolyzed to obtain a more efficient use of the organism and helps digest proteins because of its smaller structure. It allows for a quick replacement of amino acids, ideal for protein levels in the morning to return to a normal range, which keeps muscles in top condition. 

    Facts of ISO 100 Dymatize:

    • Supports muscle building
    • Protects muscles
    • Accelerates Recovery
    • 100% hydrolyze of whey protein isolate

    ISO 100 Dymatize is a product of high quality and purity, of whey protein obtained by in cold crossflow microfiltration, filtered in order to preserve all important active ingredients such as lactoferrin and immunoglobulins, which are lost when processed in other ways.

    This product is manufactured in plants of the company Dymatize, with GMP quality assurance of good manufacturing practices, and guaranteed with the seal Choice Trusted Sport free of banned substances.

    Customer reviews: ISO 100 - 2,2Kg

    90 Reviews
    5 stars
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    3 stars

    I love it

    2,2Kg Vanilla
    Very good product. Great!
    2,2Kg Vanilla
    Very good, I will buy it.( the price is a bit high )
    908g Strawberry
    Excelent product.
    2,2Kg Brownie
    Great! I would buy it again.
    2,2Kg Strawberry
    The best price/quality hydrolyzed protein. Very easy on the stomach, don\'t feel bloated after drinking it. Mixes very well. The \'Fresa\' flavor is the best
    The best Protein i ever tried , nice flavour , easy mix..good results.!!

    5star product!! Good price!!
    I love the taste, one of the best I had.
    It dissolves allright, in spite of a little foam that forms in the inicial shake, but then it settles.
    Very easy to mix / blend and the shake tastes very good as well.
    Dymatize iso 100 is great because you do not get the carbs and fat along with the protein
    Protein with a very good value for money and good in taste, especially in the vanilla one.
    The best protein that exists, quality, flavor and texture, all in one, the flavors I have tried almost all of them and they are very good.
    very good quality 100% recommended has very good short-term effects achieved flavor and very fast absorption
    For stomach problems, I needed a protein that was digested quickly and lightly, while maintaining a decent price. I have to say that I loved it, both for its digestion and for its rich and smooth flavor.
    Very good flavor being an isolate, it mixes well and the assimilation is perfect. I am happy with the purchase.
    One of the best proteins I've tried, I've always been combining this with Optimun because of its effectiveness
    Good siolada protein of a lot of quality, although now it is somewhat high in price, achieved flavors
    This protein is the one that makes me feel the best of all the ones I have tried, it is not heavy on my stomach at all.
    very good protein, high quality and of course also good taste, very clean and specific for use in definition diets
    It's not bad, although I don't see an excessive difference with cheaper isolates at the digestion level.
    Questions and answers
    Tengo entendido que la marca dymatize es americana hay algún cambio en la fórmula siendo este el que ustedes venden fabricada en Alemania?
    2023-06-21 15:26:39 Ildemaro
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    Hola, entiendo que Dymatize es de EEUU. El producto que ustedes venden es fabricado en Alemania, hay alguna diferencia en la formula o ingredientes?
    2023-06-20 14:14:01 Ildemaro Gutierrez
    Add a response
    Como es posible que suba tantisimo el precio,me parece una proteina bastante buena,pero de estar comprandola a 55€ euros y subir a 99€ desde luego me parece algo excesivo.
    2022-08-28 09:34:08 Iñaki b
    Hola Iñaki, entiendo que estés preocupado por el aumento de precio del producto ISO 100 Hydrolized - 2,2Kg. Esto se debe a que el precio de la proteína ha subido, lo que afecta el precio final del producto. Espero que esta información te haya sido útil. ¿Tienes alguna otra pregunta?
    2022-08-29 12:31:54 RUBEN
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    Bonjour, es que dymatyse iso hydrolized contient du gluten
    2022-05-12 22:32:47 Cris
    Hola Cris No contiene gluten Saludos
    2022-05-13 09:59:59 Masmusculo
    Add a response
    Soy intolerante a la lactosa,puedo tomar vuestra proteína hidrolizada,gracias
    2021-07-11 16:50:09 Jordi
    ¡Buenos días! El producto presenta un contenido en hidratos de carbono y azúcares, por servicio, ínfimo, por lo que no debería tener ningún tipo de problema a la hora de tomarla. ¡Saludos!
    2021-07-12 07:13:45 JAVI
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