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Durex is the brand that has transformed science into pleasure, making safe sex the best way to enjoy this unique contact with your partner.

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Condoms latex free
Latex-free Condoms - Durexcondoms
Latex-free Condoms from Durex are designed with a latex-free material of advanced technology,...
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Condoms extra safe
Condoms extra safecondoms
Durex Extra Safe Condoms offer enhanced protection for excellent sexual activity. They come with...
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22% dtoCherry pleasure gel - 50ml
Cherry Pleasure Gel - 50mlMassage gels and lubricants
Cherry Pleasure Gel from Durex is an intimate lubricating gel with cherry flavor and aroma. It...
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Condoms give me pleasure
Condoms Give me pleasure - Durexcondoms
Condom Give me pleasure (Hot Effect) from Durex is a condom that will make your sex more...
Out of stock
21% dtoCondoms mutual climax
Condoms Mutual Climax - Durexcondoms
Condoms Mutual Climax from Durex are condoms of high quality and durability, with a bulging and...
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Condoms natural plus 12 ud + 3 sensitives free
Condoms Natural Plus 12 ud + 3 sensitives free - Durexcondoms
Condoms Natural Plus from Durex is an excellent product, ideal for maintaining maximum...
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Condoms taste me
Condoms taste me - Durexcondoms
Condoms "Taste me" from Durex is an excellent pack of condoms that will offer you a completely...
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Durex Extra Safe 12 Unit
Durex Extra Safe 12 Unitcondoms
Out of stock
Durex Intense Orgasmic 12 Units
Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel 10ml
Durex K Y Jelly Lubricant 2x75ml
Durex Latex Free Condoms 12 Unit
Durex Mutual Climax 12 Condoms
Durex Mutual Climax 12 Condomscondoms
Out of stock
Durex Play Original 50ml
Durex Play Original 50mlcondoms
Out of stock
Durex Pleasure Me 12 Unit
Durex Pleasure Me 12 Unitcondoms
Out of stock
Durex Pleasure Ring 1 Pack
Durex Pleasure Ring 1 Packcondoms
Out of stock
Durex Pleasurefruits 12 Unit
Durex Pleasurefruits 12 Unitcondoms
Out of stock
Durex Real Feel 12 Units
Durex Real Feel 12 Unitscondoms
Out of stock
23% dtoDurex Thin Feel 12 Unit Durex - 1
Durex Thin Feel 12 Unitcondoms
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    1. Why Choose Durex?
      1. What Durex Can Do for you
      2. Importance and Benefits of Using Sex Toys

Why Choose Durex?

If what you are looking for is to experience new sensations, you can achieve it thanks to Durex and its types of condoms and sex toys that will give your sex life the spark and vibe you were looking for.

What Durex Can Do for you

Did you know that Durex has been able to manufacture latex-free condoms to increase the feeling of pleasure for both you and your partner? In addition to this and giving you the unequaled benefit of practicing sex safely, this brand has combined different technologies to give you extra-fine, striated and dotted condoms, which will give you feelings that you just thought you could experience in your dreams.

However, Durex was not content to cover this area of sexuality and also counts in its line of products with durex lubricants types of all kinds to continue experiencing different ways of interacting with your partner and so that both can unleash your imagination, daring yourselves to do what you have always wanted.

Sex toys are also part of the products that Durex has for you, which will bring sexual experiences to shocking dimensions.

Finally, we can not talk about health and sexual pleasure without taking into account the durex pills for premature ejaculation, a product that ends with this nightmare that haunts so many men in the world.

What will probably surprise you most is that you can access any of these products thanks to the fact that durex price knows to live up to any pocket.

Importance and Benefits of Using Sex Toys

If you have already tried them, you will have no doubt that sex toys are able to transform your relationship. In contrast, if you belong to the group that has not yet dared or underestimates their importance, here we leave the advantages that you will be able to get from erotic toys:

  • Get to know yourself and your partner much better
  • They intensify orgasm
  • They let you explore new sensations
  • They activate dormant areas
  • They strengthen the couple's bond
  • They prevent you from having sex with inconvenient people

Sex toys, among which the vibrator stands out, are ideal to use both with your couple and alone. That's why we recommend them for the relationship be strengthened and the bonds with your partner or companion shake hands with the boundless pleasure that both will experience, as well as we remind you that they are perfect to avoid falling into the trap of having sex only by necessity. All the pleasure you need, you will be able to get it from your vibrator, without having to involve yourself in inappropriate moments or with people that do not suit you in the wonderful world of sex.