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Olive oil soap - 100g

Drasanvi Olive Oil Soap is a natural product that will provide your skin with all the benefits of olive oil. Don't miss out on its hydrating and regenerating properties for the epidermis. It is a product that lacks any type of fat, industrial or animal.

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    Drasanvi Olive Oil Soap, naturally softens and nourishes the epidermis. Experience its hydrating and regenerating power! Your skin will thank you!

    Drasanvi Olive Oil Soap is a natural and excellent quality product, ideal for anyone who is interested in taking care of their skin. It has been made without animal or industrial fats. Olive oil has incredible properties, which is why it is continuously recommended to maintain a good diet. The same applies to the effects it can have on the skin, which gives it emollient, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. It is of great help to relieve irritations, in addition to protecting the epidermis from the effects of UV rays, radiated by the sun.

    You have to have this Drasanvi Olive Oil Soap to take care of your skin in a healthy way. The epidermis has the mission of protecting our body and of transmitting sensations of the environment that surrounds us. Due to this it is exposed to climatic changes, which can dry it out and produce flaking that affects its smoothness. This is usually accentuated in addition to the effect of ordinary soaps, and also with the lack of deep care on the skin. You can start now to give her vital care with this soap that will nourish her and help her regenerate.

    Experience wonderful changes in your epidermis with Drasanvi's Olive Oil Soap. The properties of this soap will penetrate deep into the pores of your skin, hydrating it and promoting an excellent renewal. Its components promote regeneration, which is ideal to overcome eczema or allergies. In the same way, it will relieve rashes and sunburns, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. It will nourish the skin with vitamins A, K, D and E, and will moisturize it with squalene, which is part of olive oil and which also regulates the production of sebum. Therefore it is useful for both dry and oily skin.

    Properties of Drasanvi Olive Oil Soap

    • It has moisturizing and regenerating properties.
    • It lacks industrial or animal fat.
    • Offers antioxidant benefits for the skin.

    Drasanvi Olive Oil Soap is an excellent product for skin care. It offers the benefits of olive oil, always recommended for a good diet, but applied directly to the epidermis. It has moisturizing benefits that reduce the flaking of dry skin. It also promotes the regeneration of the skin, which preserves its healthy appearance. And it has antioxidant and protective benefits from the sun's ultraviolet rays. It also provides nutrients that improve its elasticity and firmness. Do not wait for your skin to look deteriorated to start giving it careful care. This soap is the best way to start.

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