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Mineral zinc bisglycinate - 90 tablets

Zinc Bisglycinate Mineral from Drasanvi, is a food supplement that protects bone health, strengthens cognitive health and contributes to the maintenance of hair, nails and skin under normal conditions.

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      Drasanvi Zinc Bisglycinate Mineral

      • It is a food supplement composed of a formula based on zinc bisglycinate, a form of zinc that contains one of the highest bioavailability percentages found on the market, which allows it to be absorbed more safely in the body.
      • Zinc is an essential mineral found in cells throughout the body and its main purpose is to help protect the functioning of the immune system. On the other hand, zinc is an excellent antioxidant, however, it is a mineral that the body cannot produce on its own and must be obtained externally.

      What is Drasanvi Zinc Bisglycinate Mineral taken for?

      • Helps to fortify the structure of the bones.
      • It allows to maintain the health of the skin, hair and nails.
      • Ideal to optimize and strengthen the response of the immune system.
      • Helps improve cognitive function and protect vision.

      Why buy Mineral Zinc Bisglycinate ?

      • Provides a formula based on completely natural ingredients, free of gluten, added sugars, dyes and preservatives.
      • Contains zinc in the form of bisglycinate, which has been shown to be 43% more absorbed than other sources of zinc.
      • Ideal to be used by active people, sportsmen and athletes who seek to optimize the response of the immune system, improve the appearance of their skin, fortify the bones and increase the well-being of the organism.
      • Suitable for the diet of vegans and vegetarians.

      How is Mineral Zinc Bisglycinate taken?

      • Take 1 tablet daily.
      • Consume preferably with a meal.

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