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Jojoba soap - 100g

Drasanvi Jojoba Soap is a bar of soap for daily use, especially recommended for skin care, face and body hygiene. Enriched with jojoba oil that has extraordinary properties which benefit hair hydration, combat free radicals, improve blemishes and improve sunburn.

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    You want to show off a fresh and healthy skin, with Drasanvi's Jojoba Soap the joy of your skin will come to an end

    Jojoba is a wild shrub that has grown in arid American regions for many years, this leafy tree produces a nut from which a liquid wax is extracted, and the nut paste that was used by native tribes for the care of the skin and hair and the whole walnut as food. The main ingredient for the emergence of Drasanvi Jojoba Soap was extracted from this wonderful nut, especially indicated for the care of the skin and hair for its softening and regenerating actions, it tones, softens and protects the skin from damaging agents.

    Jojoba soap from Drasanvi has antioxidant properties, very rich in vitamins A and E that promote the natural regeneration of the skin, an aid in the repair and delay in the signs of early aging, acts as a deep cleanser of the skin, improving its elasticity and the appearance of the skin. Drasanvi Jojoba Soap provides the skin with great benefits such as hydration, freshness, freshness, softness, regenerates it leaving it soft with shine and velvety giving it a more youthful and natural appearance.

    Jojoba soap from Drasanvi widely recommended by the cosmetology industry for its excellent benefits and properties that it offers for the maintenance, appearance and care of the skin. Due to its high content of vitamin A, it is important for proper cell function. And vitamin E helps skin and hair care, characteristics that allow it to offer in the skin regeneration process, leaving it fresh, lush with a hydrated and renewing appearance.

    Properties of Drasanvi Jojoba Soap

    • Protects sensitive skin.
    • Softens and decongests the skin.
    • Excellent antioxidant.
    • Improves the appearance of oily and combination skin.
    • Helps make the skin more supple.
    • Natural skin conditioner.
    • Keeps the skin hydrated.
    • Antiseptic properties.
    • It leaves the skin soft and smooth.
    • Anti-inflammatory effects.
    • It acts as a deep cleanser for the skin.
    • Contains vitamin A and E.
    • Free of animal and industrial fat.

    Drasanvi Jojoba Soap is made with 100% natural jojoba oil, perfect to revitalize, hydrate, nourish and regenerate the skin, its use is recommended to improve the appearance of combination and oily skin, it has antioxidant, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory that act protecting the skin from free radicals, improves blemishes and conditions caused by sunburn. Its high content of vitamins A and E offer to keep the skin soft, smooth and healthy.

    Recommended use : As a personal accessory, use daily for the maintenance, care and hygiene of the skin, face and hair.

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