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C vitamin 400mg - 60 chewable pills

Vitamin C 400mg (Acerola) from Drasanvi is a nutritional supplement based on this vitamin, which is essential for the body and is of great help when it comes to strengthening health and especially the immune system. The formula of this supplement incorporates vitamin C of vegetable origin, from acerola, a plant rich in this vitamin.

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    Provides the necessary amounts of vitamin C of vegetable origin, strengthening and improving your immune system with Vitamin C 400mg (Acerola) from Drasanvi.

    Vitamin C is recognized worldwide for its excellent properties that greatly benefit health; mainly for its antioxidant capacity, which fights the action of free radicals on cells; and also for its ability to considerably strengthen the immune system. Drasanvi Vitamin C 400mg (Acerola) is a supplement that has been created to facilitate the intake of this vitamin and make it accessible to anyone; since in general, the diet does not achieve the optimal daily amounts to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. Vitamin C 400mg (Acerola) from Drasanvi is used to prevent a wide variety of health conditions, and at the same time treat many others, especially those that are contracted during seasonal changes. If you are looking for an effective and safe way to strengthen your defenses, Drasanvi's Vitamin C 400mg (Acerola) is your best option.

    Main characteristics of Vitamin C 400mg (Acerola) from Drasanvi

    • It is a food supplement with natural ingredients.
    • Provides excellent amounts of vitamin C.
    • Provides vitamin C of vegetable origin from acerola.
    • Keeps the immune system in a healthy state.
    • Contributes to the health of connective tissues.
    • Improves iron absorption.
    • Helps heal wounds.
    • Helps maintain blood vessels.
    • It is easy to consume.
    • It is an antioxidant.
    • It comes in a practical and comfortable presentation.
    • Prevents various health conditions.
    • Improves the body's defenses.
    • It has no artificial ingredients.

    What does Vitamin C 400mg (Acerola) provide ?

    Vitamin C 400mg (Acerola) from Drasanvi is a supplement that comes in a presentation of rich chewable tablets; a fast, effective and comfortable way to administer a good dose of vitamin C whenever you want, and thus enjoy its benefits.

    The main ingredient in Drasanvi's Vitamin C 400mg (Acerola) formula is precisely vitamin C obtained from the dry extract of acerola.

    Content per tablet:

    • Contains 400 mg of acerola dry extract
    • Provides 200 mg of vitamin C

    What is achieved with Vitamin C 400mg (Acerola) from Drasanvi ?

    With Vitamin C 400mg (Acerola) from Drasanvi you have at your disposal an effective and practical way to keep your body supplied with the optimal doses of vitamin C that improve your health and offer you well-being. All the benefits that this fundamental vitamin for the body has to offer can be found in Vitamin C 400mg (Acerola) from Drasanvi.

    Vitamin C 400mg (Acerola) from Drasanvi is ideal for anyone who wishes to maintain a reliable and optimal supply of naturally-derived vitamin C. Perfect for people looking to strengthen their immune system.

    Recommended daily dose of Vitamin C 400mg (Acerola) from Drasanvi

    • As a food supplement, take 1 tablet
    • Take preferably with a main meal
    • Take the dose daily
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