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B9 vitamin 400mcg - 90 tablets

Folic Acid from Drasanvi, is a nutritious food supplement composed of natural ingredients whose function is to stimulate the natural formation of blood cells, treat the symptoms of anemia, control hypertension, strengthen the functioning of the nervous system, improve brain health and enhance the production of serotonin.

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      Optimize the health and formation of blood cells and improve your mood with Drasanvi Folic Acid, a food supplement that allows to strengthen the body's functions naturally.

      Folic Acid from Drasanvi, is an extraordinary food supplement made with a select group of purely natural ingredients that aim to optimize and protect the performance of the main tasks of the body, strengthen the nervous system, enhance mental well-being, take care of brain health, prevent anemia, optimize the immune and cardiovascular system, and reduce symptoms associated with menopause.

      What are the characteristics of Drasanvi Folic Acid ?

      • It is a complete and nutritious food supplement made with natural ingredients that help preserve the health of the body.
      • It allows to take care of the nervous, cardiovascular and immune systems.
      • Ideal to stimulate the natural production of blood cells.
      • Optimizes brain health and improves mood.
      • Helps prevent anemia and avoid iron deficiency in the body.
      • Maximizes the production of serotonin.
      • Reduces symptoms and discomfort associated with menopause.
      • Contributes to hair growth and regeneration.
      • Controls blood pressure and protects cognitive health.

      Composition of Drasanvi Folic Acid

      Folic Acid from Drasanvi, comes in a comfortable and extraordinary presentation in the form of tablets, which are manufactured with a nourishing and powerful formula based on high quality natural ingredients that help to strengthen, balance and protect the well-being and performance of the main functions of the organism. Drasanvi Folic Acid is a food supplement free of harmful agents, artificial components, preservatives and pesticides that can damage or modify the health of the body.

      Content per dose (1 tablet):

      • It contains 400 mcg of folic acid (as pteroyl-L-glutamic acid).

      What is achieved with Drasanvi Folic Acid ?

      Folic acid, folacin or vitamin B9, is a water-soluble vitamin belonging to the group of B complex vitamins, which plays a very important role in the maturation of structural proteins and the formation of hemoglobin. Among the main benefits of folic acid is its action to promote the creation of new cells, strengthen capillary health, promote the correct formation of the spine in babies, prevent cognitive decline, protect brain health, prevent insufficient iron and increase the growth of red blood cells. For this reason, Drasanvi, being a company dedicated to the development of health care products, has developed Folic Acid, an excellent food supplement manufactured with a composition based on natural ingredients that allow to encourage and maximize the production of blood cells, regulate blood pressure, improve cognitive health, boost serotonin production, relieve symptoms of menopause, and prevent anemia.

      Folic Acid from Drasanvi, is a food supplement highly recommended to be used by young people, adults, pregnant women and women in the menopausal stage who seek to protect and care for the well-being and performance of the vital functions of the body, strengthen the health of the nervous, cardiovascular system and immune system, optimizing your mood, treating anemia and stimulating the production of red blood cells in a completely natural way and without side effects.

      Recommended daily dose of Drasanvi Folic Acid

      • As a food supplement, take 1 tablet.
      • Consume with plenty of water.
      • Take for breakfast on a daily basis.
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