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Pack 24 vegans burgers

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The DiexFood Vegan Burger Tray is a nutritious and tasty food supplement with excellent texture that is made with the highest quality ingredients and with a high dose of natural fiber, designed to be enjoyed at any time of the day and maintain a lifestyle. healthy.

    Pack content
    4 vegan burgers - 400g DiexFood - 1
    2 x 4 vegan burgers - 400g
    4 vegan burgers - 400g DiexFood - 1
    2 x 4 vegan burgers - 400g
    4 vegan burgers - 400g DiexFood - 1
    2 x 4 vegan burgers - 400g

      DiexFood Vegan Burger Tray: Exquisite, delicious and easy to prepare, the perfect option that you cannot miss in your pantry!

      The DiexFood Vegan Burger Tray is a new, healthy and exquisite food supplement with excellent taste and texture that is composed of a complete dose of vitamins, proteins and fibers that helps to maintain a balanced and regret-free eating style. On the other hand, the DiexFood Vegan Burger Tray is an option to consume at lunch, dinner or on occasions where you want to eat something natural, fresh and different.

      DiexFood Vegan Burger Tray Essentials

      • It is an extraordinary food supplement made with a healthy combination of vegetable fibers, soy protein and ground spinach.
      • It has a delicious flavor and a pleasant and smooth texture on the palate.
      • Helps raise energy levels and enhance stomach function.
      • Optimizes the health and well-being of the body.
      • It contains a high dose of vitamins: A, E, B1, B2 and B6.
      • Perfect to consume at lunch, dinner or at any time of the day.
      • It promotes the reduction of time when preparing it.
      • Burgers suitable for the celiac, vegan and lactose intolerant population.

      DiexFood Vegan Burger Tray Composition

      The Vegan Burger Tray from DiexFood is a high quality and purity food supplement, manufactured with an excellent dose of natural and fresh ingredients, which thanks to its high content of minerals, vitamins and protein help to protect the well-being of the body, optimize intestinal function and elevate the state of fullness. DiexFood's Vegan Burger Tray is free of harmful components and elements that can damage or alter health.

      Content per serving (100 gr):

      • Contains 320 kcal of energy value.
      • Contains 54.6 grams of protein.
      • Contains 18.9 g of carbohydrates.
      • Contains 0.7 g of fat, of which 0.1 g are saturated.
      • Contains 0.26 g of sodium.

      Why consume the DiexFood Vegan Burger Tray ?

      The DiexFood Vegan Burger Tray is a food supplement with an unbeatable flavor that has a balanced composition and a smooth texture that is very pleasant to the palate, which makes it an irresistible and completely healthy and nutritious option, as it provides an excellent source of vitamins. , minerals and proteins that contribute to good health, satiate the appetite at any time of the day, maintain and promote a slim figure, take care of and maximize the well-being and fullness of the body and raise the energy levels to face the activities of the day to day.

      The DiexFood Vegan Burger Tray is a perfect food supplement to be consumed by children, youth, adults, athletes and athletes in general who want to consume a different, healthy and delicious option, maintain a balanced diet, optimize the health of the body and raise energy.

      Vegan Burger Tray

      • As a dietary supplement, eat the portion of your choice.
      • Consume when you want the most.
      • Take the dose daily, alone or with your favorite drinks and ingredients.

      Customer reviews: Pack 24 vegans burgers

      3 Reviews
      The truth is that it is a good idea to buy this packs more than healthy and even moderate price therefore I will surely buy them
      The truth is that it is a good idea to buy this packs more than healthy and even moderate price therefore I will surely buy them
      very good product, quality price is a product of the highest quality meat. It is worth it for the great high quality protein, easy absorption, also the flavors are very good
      Questions and answers
      Hola, Me podriáis decir qué ingedientes tienen estashamburguesas vegan? Es que no puedo comer de todo... :(
      2021-11-14 21:20:28 Lara lopes
      Hola Lara, los ingredientes que lleva la hamburguesa son: proteína de soja y fibras vegetales, además de los ingredientes que varían dependiendo del sabor que elijas entre espinacas, nuez y chía y boletus. Espero haberte servido de ayuda.
      2021-11-15 10:22:55 Joel
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      Boa noite Quais os ingredientes em cada um dos hamburgueres. Têm tabela nutricional completa para cada 1? Obg
      2021-07-27 22:43:31 Lara lopes
      Hola Lara Valor por hambúrguer: Contém 320 kcal de valor energético. Contém 54,6 gramas de proteína. Contém 18,9 g de carboidratos. Contém 0,7 g de gordura, das quais 0,1 g são saturadas. Contém 0,26 g de sódio. Obrigado por confiar em mais músculos. Fuente: https://www.masmusculo.com/es/diexfood/pack-hamburguesas-veganas-85961.html
      2021-07-28 12:13:23 CRISTOBAL
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