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Diet Premium is a family business with more than 30 years of activity in the world of delicatessen products and foods, currently focused on the dietary industry with proteins made under strict supervision, using totally natural ingredients and ensuring its offer is composed only by the best products made with the highest quality possible animal protein.

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Tray of 5 Fresh Breast Burgers
Tray of 5 Fresh Breast BurgersFitness burguer
You can buy the hamburger pack. Only available for peninsula and Baleares.
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Tray of 5 100% fresh hamburgers
Tray of 5 100% fresh hamburgersFitness burguer
Puedes comprar el pack de hamburguesas Solo disponible para peninsula y Baleares.
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On sale!10-tray pack 100% fresh hamburgers - Diet Premium
10-tray pack 100% fresh hamburgers - Diet PremiumPacks

Diet Premium

The Fresh Burgers by Diet Premium are the ideal complement to balance your diet by providing the...
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Canned Egg White - 140g
Canned Egg White - 140gEgg Protein
Canned Egg White from Diet Premium is a wonderful and practical dietary supplement based on egg...
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Healthy Donuts - 4x50g
Healthy Donuts - 4x50gLight protein confectionery
Healthy Donuts by Whim, a very healthy and natural food supplement, low in fat and sugar. It is...
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Bandeja de 4 hamburguesas de merluza
4 Hake burgers -Fitness burguer
Hake burgers by Diet Premium is a delicious option for your meals. You have to try these tasty...
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Canned Chicken Breast - 100g
Canned Chicken Breast - 100gPreserved meats
Canned Chicken Breast from Diet Premium Burger es un exquisito suplemento dietético que te...
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On sale!Pack 4 Trays of 5 100% Fresh Hamburgers
Pack 4 Trays of 5 100% Fresh HamburgersPacks

Diet Premium

Hamburgers from Diet Premium are the ideal complement to balance your diet by providing the best...
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Chickpea falafel (8 units) - 160g
Chickpea falafel (8 units) - 160gFitness burguer
Diet Premium is a dietary nutrition company based on plants. This company created a gluten-free...
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Canned beef burger - 100g
Canned beef burger - 100gPreserved meats
Canned beef burger from Diet Premium Burger is an excellent product that will give you the...
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Vegan burger - 2x80g
Vegan burger - 2x80gFitness burguer
A company that currently works on dietary industry, offers you a source of totally organic and...
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Canned Colt Burger - 100g
Canned Colt Burger - 100gPreserved meats
Canned Colt Burger from Diet Premium Burger is an excellent nutritional supplement that will...
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Its offer is focused on offering a variety of certified quality meat products, prepared in a natural way with typical recipes present in the family that owns the Basque Country-based company, where its wide experience allows to offer only the best animal proteins to athletes, thus providing less fat and more protein per serving, and are especially designed for Tuppers, the well-known containers used by those who live working out or in the gym.

It also ensures a refrigerated transport for Diet Premium products, thus guaranteeing that they will arrive at the right temperature, in good condition and of course, fresh and totally delicious, preserving their natural flavor. Diet Premium has all health certifications and strict quality controls to ensure you will get only the best products so that you can follow a balanced diet.

Among the products you can get, we can mention chicken breasts, both whole and in fillets, totally clean and fat free, you can also get this product in its comfortable hamburger presentation, ready to cook and eat with total confidence since it does not contain any salt or preservatives, thus ensuring you a safe and natural chicken intake.

We can also mention their canned goods with various meat products such as chicken, salmon, foal, and even preparations with fruit flavors such as banana or melon. However, its most outstanding offer is its great hamburger variety with five different types of proteins, all totally natural and prepared following the family recipe that is more than 30 years old, ensuring a unique and delicious taste.

Among the latter we can find chicken, rabbit, veal, foie gras and turkey burgers. 5 equally delicious protein types ideal for sportspeople who need to consume low-fat proteins with the best quality. Each type of meat comes in different flavors and presentations, and you can enjoy a hamburger 100% chicken breast with BBQ flavor or maybe a unique combination of 80% veal 20% spinach.

Buying products from Diet Premium means making an awesome addition to your diet with the best proteins available in the market, allowing you to create your own recipes using these incredible products that will also give you enough energy for your workouts and of course, nourishing and energizing your muscles in depth, increasing their volume naturally as well as enhancing your physical performance.