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Sylvain Laur, the owner of Compressport International, was able to see a niche in the market and cover it in such a way that today it is a necessity: we are talking about sports compression clothing.

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35% dtoR2 v2
Compression stockings R2 V2 - CompressportOther Accessories
This stockings version is made of lightweight and comfortable fibers, which gives athletes...
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38% dtoFull socks v2.1
Full Socks v2.1 - CompressportOther Accessories
Full Socks v2.1 from Compressport is an accessory made of the best fibers, elastic and...
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34% dtoRacing socks v3 ultralight run low
Long Socks Running Ultralight V3 - CompressportOther Accessories
Long Socks Running Ultralight V3 from Compressport is a sock specially designed for those who...
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35% dtoTrail hurricane jacket
Trail Hurricane Windbreaker - CompressportOther Accessories
Trail Hurricane Windbreaker from Compressport is a jacket that helps protect runners who perform...
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Trail running shirt v2 short sleeve
Trail/Running Shirt v2 - CompressportMen T-Shirts
Trail/Running Shirt v2 from Compressport provides unique ergonomic maintenance during the...
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35% dtoFull leg
Tights - CompressportShorts
Tights from Compressport is ideal for triathletes, marathon runners and cyclists. With their 3D...
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36% dtoWoman racing overskirt
Racing Overskirt for Women - CompressportSkirt and short
Racing Overskirt for Women from Compressport is designed for athletic and feminine women looking...
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34% dtoRacing socks v3 0 ultralight bike
Cycling Socks Ultralight Bike V3.0 - CompressportCycle Clothing, Helmets and Accesories
Cycling Socks Ultralight Bike V3.0 from Compressport are one of the best accessories for those...
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38% dtoPro racing socks winter bike v2.1
Winter Bike Socks Pro Racing v2.1 - CompressportCycle Clothing, Helmets and Accesories
Winter Bike Socks Pro Racing v2.1 from Compressport is a sports garment designed for athletes...
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36% dtoUsv2
Compressive Tights USV2 - CompressportOther Accessories
Compressive Tights USV2 from Compressport are made of ultra silicone that helps to diminish the...
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36% dtoPro r2 swiss
Compressive Tights Pro R2 Swiss - CompressportOther Accessories
Compressive Tights Pro R2 Swiss from Compressport are perfect for those who need agile and...
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28% dtoEndless backpack
Endless Backpack - CompressportOther Accessories
Endless Backpack from Compressport is a sports supplement developed for long training days...
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32% dtoSocks run low prsv3
Running Low Socks PRSV3 - CompressportOther Accessories
Running Low Socks PRSV3 from Compressport are ergonomically designed and made of materials that...
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24% dtoArmforce armsleeve
Armforce Armsleeve - CompressportOther Accessories
Armforce Armsleeve from Compressport is made of strong and hard-wearing fibers of the highest...
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30% dtoSweatbands 3d
Sweatbands 3D - CompressportOther Accessories
Sweatbands 3D from Compressport has a special design based on a structure made up by fabric...
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History of Compressport

Nowadays we can find compressport spain shops, as well as stores and stands for compressport usa, but the history of the company goes hand in hand with Sylvain Laur, who created it just a few years ago. However, Laur took his first steps in a French company in Grasse, where he was able to unleash his marketing skills, to which he added his intuition and vision for business, achieving a remarkable increase in sales.

Years later, a company of the pharmaceutical industry trusted in his creativity and vision, reason why it asked him to develop strategies to insert in the market compression socks, aimed at people with varices and circulatory problems. The product was a success thanks to his strategies and it was due to his personal success that he later decided to start his own compression clothing company. In this way Compressport comes to market and today offers us its compressor visor and its compressport socks, among many other products of the highest quality.

Who is Compressport for?

The compression clothing that Compressport manufactures and sells is intended for people who are engaged in any sport, however, the sectors that have adopted it most are Triathlon, Cycling and Running.

The usefulness of these products is threefold, as they are used to train, compete and recover, and their users are both amateur and professional.

Materials and Manufacturing Methods

The manufacturing methods of the brand are based on a perfect combination of materials that will allow a perfect ventilation of the foot and thus keep it free from perspiration moisture. Such a blend uses 75% polyamide, 16% prolen and 9% elastane. In addition, the process involves the presence of 3D.DOTs, which promote a proper circulation of air inside the foot, avoiding high temperatures between it and the sock, which removes the possibility of blistering.

Why Choose Compressport?

Since its inception, the company has won a few competitors. That is why we ask ourselves the inescapable question: why Compressport? And that's when we come to the following answers:

  • Quality
  • 2 year warranty
  • Attractive Design

The quality of its products can be verified through the 2- year warranty the company offers, something that none of its competitors has risked to provide. On the other hand, we can also see it in the very low percentage of returns for reasons of guarantee. This means that Compressport takes care of all the details that must be taken care of when making its clothes. Last but not least, it is the fact that the brand takes care that the design accompanies the high quality standards. So, in addition to wearing a garment that has all the benefits of compression, your aesthetics will also be taken care of.