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C4 Ultimate - 440g

The supplement C4 Ultimate from Cellucor contains all the nutrients necessary to boost performance in any kind of exercise routine. It contains citrulline, a special formula of CarnoSyn beta alanine, niacinamide, creatine monohydrate, and vitamins B and C. They are a set of key nutrients to improve endurance during any routine or exercise plan.

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    Enhance your training with C4 Ultimate from Cellucor.

    The practice of all intense sports activity makes it necessary to receive a large amount of nutrients. This is because the body is exposed to a higher level of tension. The supplement C4 Ultimate from Cellucor offers the necessary nutrients to meet these needs and increase body endurance. It contains vital ingredients that boost energy, such as CarnoSyn which is an improved beta alanine formula. Added to this you can find creatine monohydrate, vitamin B, C and niacinamide. All are ingredients that balance the body and prevent possible nutritional deficiencies, which can result from the regular practice of intense physical activities.

    Every athlete needs high quality supplementation. Much more than that required by a person leading a sedentary lifestyle. The practice of a high performance discipline, makes it lose more easily essential nutrients that give strength and vigor to the body. The concentration of C4 Ultimate from Cellucor provides concentrated nutrients that are digested quickly. Consequently, it provides numerous nutrients that enhance physical capacity, directly and really effective. Its ingredients are natural and have been enhanced as is the case of CarnoSyn beta alanine, which is a very important amino acid.

    This nutrient causes carnosine levels to rise in the body. It has a great importance combating fatigue and promotes endurance to physical effort. This improved formula helps to eliminate more easily the lactic acid which is the one that produces the feeling of fatigue. This is how strength is recovered more easily and much more vigor is available for the next training routine. The C4 Ultimate from Cellucor also has citrulline whose function is to increase the levels of arginine, which in turn increases the levels of nitric oxide. The latter is a molecule that provides power during training. It also offers creatine monohydrate to the metabolism, which plays a decisive role in the strengthening and toning of the body.

    Facts of C4 Ultimate from Cellucor

    • Citrulline.
    • CarnoSyn Beta alanine.
    • Creatine monohydrate.
    • Niacinamide.
    • Vitamin C.
    • B vitamins.
    • 440 grams.

    Every athlete must always maintain a varied diet with vegetables, fruits, cereals and lean meat. But since this may not be enough, to meet the ideal nutritional needs to maintain sports activities, it is recommended to supplement with C4 Ultimate from Cellucor. This supplement provides nutrients that balance the body. They prevent the lack of very important proteins to execute an intense training and with the best results.

    Recommended use: consume a spoonfuls (6 grams) in a glass of 300 ml of water. Only up to 3 daily doses. One of the doses has to be ingested about 20 minutes before starting a physical activity.

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