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Prim-Omega-3 MSC - 60 softgels

Prim-Omega-3 MSC from Bonusan is a food supplement made from a unique combination of Omega -3 fatty acids from fish oil and GLA Omega-6 acids of vegetable origin from evening primrose and borage, supporting the maintenance, proper functioning of the brain and cardiovascular system. Its extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties intervene in a positive way in certain conditions of the circular system.

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    Prim-Omega-3 MSC from Bonusan offers you a comprehensive care for your entire body.

    Prim-Omega-3 MSC from Bonusan is dietary supplement that certifies excellent functioning and brain performance, notably optimizing memory, reasoning and cognitive ability in learning.

    Prim-Omega-3 MSC from Bonusan is made from pure fish oil of high concentration obtained through a cold extraction process, preserving its 100% natural properties. In combination with the excellent values of borage oil, an important source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), and evening primrose form the perfect balance in the care and proper functioning of the body.

    Main characteristics of Prim-Omega-3 MSC from Bonusan:

    • Food supplement.
    • Fish oil supplement.
    • Fortifies the heart.
    • Protects the brain.
    • Provides Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.
    • Keeps physical and mental health in good condition.
    • Contains purified fish oil.
    • Contains vitamin E.
    • Contains borage oil and evening primrose.
    • Acts as an anti-inflammatory.
    • Easy to take.
    • Contains no yeast, gluten or lactose.

    What does Prim-Omega-3 MSC from Bonusan provide?

    Prim-Omega-3 MSC from Bonusan provides excellent benefits for blood circulation, heart, and also for nervous and immune systems. It is deeply involved in the formation of cells and hormones, optimizes and improves your eyesight.

    Prim-Omega-3 MSC from Bonusan is made from selected and chosen ingredients, which offer quality and purity in each intake. It contains purified sardine fish oil, a blue fish that increases the fluidity of blood; anchovy that is a source of protein of high biological value, rich in vitamins of group B, and mackerel that is a food rich in iodine.

    Its high content in vitamin B3 is beneficial for the circulatory system. Each of them, in combination with evening primrose oil that hydrates the skin, promotes its elasticity and beautifies it from within.

    Prim-Omega-3 MSC from Bonusan also contains borage oil that is rich in gamma-linolenic acid that our body transforms it in prostaglandins. You get these extraordinary benefits in Prim-Omega-3 MSC from Bonusan in one single intake.

    Which Omega-3 is best?

    For best results, look for brands that contains Omega-3s as free fatty acids. Triglycerides or phospholipids are good as well. A few reputable Omega-3 supplement brands include Nordic Naturals, Green Pasture, Bio-Marine Plus, Omegavia, and Ovega-3.

    Benefits of Prim-Omega-3 MSC from Bonusan:

    Prim-Omega-3 MSC from Bonusan is a combination of high-quality, broad spectrum fatty acids that provides your body with great benefits in just one easy-to-take, odorless or tasteless capsule, thus allowing the body to enjoy all its benefits effectively and equally.

    Prim-Omega-3 MSC from Bonusan is recommended for older women and men and for all those concerned about their cardiovascular, physical and mental health. Bonusan brand unified in one single capsule all benefits and properties of fish oil, with the healthy and beneficial GLA vegetable oil from evening primrose and borage to care for and protect the body from the inside out in a healthy and natural way.

    Recommended daily dose of Prim-Omega-3 MSC from Bonusan:

    • Take 2 capsules a day.
    • Take with a meal.
    • Take the dose daily.
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