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Bolero is a brand of healthy isotonic drinks that are low in calories and free of sugar and gluten . For this reason, they are ideal for athletes but also for diabetics, celiacs, people on a diet or for the whole family. All Bolero drinks are made with natural ingredients following healthy formulas, without flavorings or chemical preservatives.

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Bolero with Stevia - 9g
Bolero with Stevia - 9gFlavours
Bolero with Stevia is more than a drink, it does not contain sugar in its ingredients since it...
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Stick bolero drinks - 3g for 500ml
Box with 12 Bolero Drinks Stick for 500ml - 3gFlavours
Bolero Drinks Stick is the most delicious and refreshing solution for those people who take...
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Bolero with Stevia - 9g
Box of 12 Boleros with SteviaFlavours
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Bolero drinks are present in 40 countries, and offer several lines of top quality products: Bolero Drink, Isotonic Drink, Mix&GO and Mix&GO Iced Tea. Bolero Drinks are a product designed to provide essential hydration to the body.

It contains vitamin C and antioxidants , it is low in calories and carbohydrates, and it is sugar free. It has more than 40 flavors to choose from, and one of the easiest ways to try its various flavors is through the purchase of packs of 15 or 30 flavors. This product is ideal for the daily maintenance of the athlete and for people on a diet. Bolero Isotonic is a rehydration drink, designed to be taken after exercising. Its formula enriched with mineral salts and vitamins makes the body recover quickly from fatigue, restoring its electrolyte balance.

As for Mix&GO, it is an instant drink with various flavors and without sugar that comes in practical sachets, while Mix&GO Iced Tea is a comforting iced tea with black tea extract, with antioxidant properties and fruit flavour.