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Shaker Radian Tritan - 940 ml

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Shaker Radian Tritan from Blender Bottle is an ideal mixing bottle to prepare your protein and nutritional shakes in the most practical and effective way. It is made of excellent material that makes it more comfortable and durable. This marvelous product has a blender wire ball that helps homogeneously blend your shakes, offering a milder and thicker drink.

      Blend your nutritional drinks and shakes more effectively thanks to the extraordinary Shaker Radian Tritan from Blender Bottle, a product that will support you in reaching your goals.

      Shaker Radiant Tritan from Blender Bottle is an excellent high-quality mixing bottle, made of strong, durable refined and modern material. It has an ideal size and a great capacity for you to better blend all ingredients of your favorites shakes in the most efficient way. This product is easy to wash, even in a dishwasher, with stain and stench resistant material, providing you with optimal hygiene when taking your nutritional drinks. One of the most important features of this amazing mixing bottle is its patented system for blending, by using the revolutionary Blender Ball wire whisk that optimizes the quality of the mixture, making it more homogeneous. So it is essential to get a milder and thicker drink.

      The original design of Shaker Radian Tritan from Blender Bottle is truly unique, as it provides an extra wide opening to add ingredients and blend them more comfortably. It also makes it easier to wash and clean, with a screw cap that offers greater security, also allowing you to drink directly from the spout with the greatest comfort and effectiveness possible. It also has a flexible and removable handle at the base of the spout, which is ideal for attaching keys or for securing it with a gym bag or backpack. Its sealing system is very strong, avoiding spills. Likewise, its narrow base provides a better grip and easily adapts to the cup holder size of most cars and in general.

      This fantastic mixing bottle has a large capacity of 940 ml, with a volume capacity meter attached and graduated up to 800 ml, making it easier to add the exact dose without using additional meters. Likewise, this product comes in a variety of different colors ranging from neutral colors such as black, gray and dark green, to brighter ones such as light blue, pink, coral and purple. So you can choose the one that best suits your style and personality, also allowing you to match it with your sports outfit.

      Facts of Shaker Radian Tritan from Blender Bottle:

      • High-quality and effective mixing bottle.
      • Made of the best materials to provide power and durability.
      • Includes a patented wire ball to better blend the mixture.
      • Provides a mild and thick drink.
      • Easy to wash, even in a dishwasher.
      • Resistant to stains and stench.
      • Provides a wide main opening.
      • Provides a great sealing system.
      • Avoids spills.
      • Provides an excellent grip.
      • Contains a modern and original design.
      • Comes in eight (8) different colors.

      If you are looking for an effective, durable, resistant, original and 100% functional mixing bottle, definitely Shaker Radian Tritan from Blender Bottle is ideal for you, as it helps you prepare your shakes and drinks easily and efficiently, providing you with safety and supporting you in reaching your sporting goals.

      Recommended use: as a sports accessory, use this amazing mixing bottle when blending your favorite drinks and shakes, and also get top satisfaction after use.

      Customer reviews: Shaker Radian Tritan - 940 ml

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      Good shacker, it shows that it has a very good material, I have already used it on several occasions and it is very practical and good, although it is more expensive than the normal ones, it is worth having one that is very resistant more than anything because for me exercise is prone to shocks.
      940 ml
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