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Shaker Pro Stak -700 ml - Blender Bottle

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Shaker Pro Stak from Blender Bottle is an ideal supplement to prepare your protein and nutritional shakes in the most practical and effective way. It includes a wire ball patented blender that homogeneously blends your preparations, and also has small removable containers for your supplements in tablets and powder.

      Shaker Pro Stak from Blender Bottle is a product that will help you blend your drinks and nutritional shakes more effectively. It includes a pillbox.

      Shaker Pro Stak from Blender Bottle is made of durable material. It has an ideal size and a great capacity for you to combine the ingredients of your favorite shakes in the most efficient way

      Shaker Pro Stak from Blender Bottle is easy to wash and perfect to be used in your dishwasher. It is resistant to stains and bad odors, providing optimal hygiene when consuming your nutritional drinks. Likewise, it provides an original and unique design, since it has an extra wide opening in order to add the ingredients of the mixture more comfortably.

      Shaker Pro Stak from Blender Bottle also makes it easier to wash and clean, with a hinged lid that offers a greater safety and the classic screw cap, making it 100% leak-proof.

      Plus, Shaker Pro Stak from Blender Bottle provides two small containers that fit perfectly in the base of the mixing glass, one below the other, in order to place your supplements both in tablets and powder, bringing the dose you need for your workouts with the greatest comfort and in the most practical way.

      Shaker Pro Stak from Blender Bottle will help you maintain proper nutrition and hydration when you need it, allowing you to blend the hardest proteins and meal replacement preparations in the easiest way, as it uses the patented BlenderBall mixing system, a rotating ball inside the bottle while you shake it.

      The BlenderBall is elastic and bounces off the top and the bottom of the bottle, working on liquids.

      It is made of stainless steel, the same material used in surgical instruments and implants, so you can add different ingredients such as peanut butter, apple sauce, or yogurt to your protein shakes, and the BlenderBall will blend easily. It will never rust or splinter.

      Shaker Pro Stak from Blender Bottle has a built-in volume capacity meter outside, making it easy to add the exact dose without using additional meters. In the same way, it comes in a variety of different colors ranging from the most classic such as black, gray and dark green, to the brighter ones such as light blue, pink, coral, purple among others.

      So you can choose the one that best suits your style and personality, also allowing you to combine it with your sportswear.

      Main characteristics of Shaker Pro Stak from Blender Bottle:

      • Use it for a greater effectiveness.
      • Features a flip top and classic screw top.
      • 100% leak-proof.
      • Provides two small containers (pillboxes) incorporated on its base.
      • Provides an adjustable carrying handle.
      • Made of highest quality materials.
      • BPA-free.
      • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
      • Has raised ounce and milliliter markings.
      • Has a modern and original design.
      • Comes in different colors.

      Shaker Pro Stak from Blender Bottle is the best one for you, as it helps you prepare your shakes and drinks easily and efficiently, thus providing you safety and comfort, and also supporting you in reaching your goals effectively.

      Recommended use: as a sports accessory, use Shaker Pro Stak from Blender Bottle when blending your favorite drinks and smoothies.

      Customer reviews: Shaker Pro Stak -700 ml - Blender Bottle

      18 Reviews
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      3 stars
      Great this saker, with a pillbox and a metal ball to mix, one of the most comfortable I've ever had.
      I used to like these mixers, but now that I've had this one, the ball leaves the metal taste in all the proteins.
      This is a five-star shaker, since I buy one I buy the best, this one has a pill box and a metal ball to mix well
      A good shacker for a long time I wanted to buy a more complete and higher quality one and it looks great, not a drop escapes and it is very useful
      a glass that the truth is that it is practical and of very good quality has nothing to do with what the Chinese sell
      This is the top shaker I've ever had, it's robust and well built. The slots to include the separate supplement give it a great plus
      a glass that the truth is that it is practical and of very good quality has nothing to do with what the Chinese sell
      cool and very nice design and it is just the shaker that I was looking for and at a good price, happy with the purchase
      I asked for it in my last shipment and the truth is that it closes well and does not leave that bad smell when using it like others
      I bought this shacker and the truth is that it is very well done, nothing to do with the garbage that the Chinese sell since it is of a high quality and I really prefer to pay a little more and that it is good that after 2 days it breaks I think I will buy some shacker more
      Brutal shaker, very good mixer, with a metal ball that I love and a click stopper, wonderful.
      Very good shacker of the typical ones that if you take good care of it lasts a lifetime and is also very useful
      a shaker that the truth is that it goes very well and in size I would have gotten a size a little higher
      very good. Better than most normal mixing glasses, this one has a little gadget underneath to put whatever you need.
      You can see the quality of this mixer, in the plastic and in the closures. I have had all kinds of shakers of different brands and sizes, although the price seems a bit high in the end it compensates you over time the purchase of this mixer. at least in my case I have been able to verify it.
      I really like this shaker. I bought it for several things, the cap does not separate from the shaker so it is difficult for it to get lost hehe and it also has the compartment to carry a dose of protein, which is very convenient for me to take it to work.
      These mixing glasses or shakers are amazing, very practical to mix the protein whenever you want
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