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Blender Bottle is a leading brand in manufacturing, innovating and distributing the best sports storage systems around the world. It was founded in 2000 in the United States and, since then, it has created the best mixers that, through luck and effort, have become iconic in the sports world.

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Sportmixer black 820ml
Sportmixer black 820ml - BlenderBottleSpecial Shakers
This versatile product is our latest innovation. SportMixer by BlenderBottle® accepts all the...
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Shaker classic - 600ml
Shaker classic - 600mlShaker
Blender Bottle Classic Mixing Glass is a complement that homogeneously mixes your preparations,...
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Shaker classic - 820ml
Shaker classic - 820mlShaker
This Blender Bottle Classic Mixing Glass is an ideal accessory to mix your food supplements, or...
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Sportmixer black 600ml
Sportmixer Black 600 ml - Blender BottleSpecial Shakers
Sportmixer Black 600 ml from Blender Bottle has been designed with an style that balances...
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SportMixer 820ml
SportMixer 820mlSpecial Shakers
Designed with equal parts style, innovation, and versatility, the BlenderBottle® SportMixer™...
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Shaker pro stak -700ml
Shaker Pro Stak -700 ml - Blender BottleShaker
Shaker Pro Stak from Blender Bottle is an ideal supplement to prepare your protein and...
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Shaker radian tritan - 940ml
Shaker Radian Tritan - 940 mlShaker
Shaker Radian Tritan from Blender Bottle is an ideal mixing bottle to prepare your protein and...
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Sportmixer 600ml
Sportmixer 600mlSpecial Shakers
Designed with style in equal parts innovation and versatility, BlenderBottle's SportMixer takes...
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Sportmixer tritan signature sleek - 820ml
Sportmixer tritan signature sleek - 820mlSpecial Shakers
Blander Bottle Signature Sleek Bottle is an excellent companion for your exercise routines and...
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The greatest benefit of taking supplements before or after sports practice is that they help enhance the effects of physical exertion, however, preparing drinks in the same place of training is quite complicated, especially if you do not have a resistant bottle to withstand the movements. Fortunately, Blender Bottle is a brand that has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative products to make it easy to prepare all kinds of sports nutrition liquids. In that sense, it has a wide range of storage systems, such as shakers, mixers and drums to help the most demanding athletes in the sport to achieve the goals and, therefore, good physical conditioning.

Blender Bottle is a leading company in manufacturing and distributing the best sports storage systems around the world. Its first steps in developing mixers and cocktail shakers were in 2000 when a team of professionals in the United States decided to start their own brand in order to help athletes have excellent resources to achieve any goal. One of the products introduced to the market was the Blender Ball shaker, which after a series of designs and research solved the problem of shaking protein and fiber shakes in the training place. After the success of the first blender, the company took the second step in 2004 with the creation of the ultimate leak-proof, BPA-free Blender Bottle Classic designed for fitness enthusiasts. Since then, this cocktail shaker has become an iconic product in the sports world.

Today, Blender Bottle has a wide variety of high-quality shakers and bottles that exceed the expectations of bodybuilding and fitness lovers. Best of all, the company not only strives to create the best designs, but also has great production methods, which ensure the use of really effective, long-lasting and high-strength accessories. Luckily, it has perfectly conditioned facilities where each storage system is processed, tested to prove its guarantee and scrupulously labeled for later sale.

As for the raw materials that are selected by Blender Bottle for the innovation of its products, we must emphasize that they are the best on the market. In the first place, because the plastics that are used in the clothing are completely free of BPA and, on the other hand, those of excellent nature and unsurpassed quality are chosen. When observing any Blender Bottle design, we can be sure that we have in our hands a blender with the maximum guarantee for the health of our customers.

Carrying shakes and energy drinks in uncomfortable bottles that do not keep the temperature and cause spills is a thing of the past. Blender Bottle is an ideal opportunity to transport supplements and ensure 100% efficient intake.