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Vitamin D3 - 150 g

Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA is a nutritional supplement based on vitamin D, an essential vitamin for bones and teeth, which also intervenes in different body functions such as contributing to the normal functioning of muscles and immune system. It also has the ability to maintain a good neurological health and help to fall asleep.

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    Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA is a lemon-flavored food supplement with vitamin D3 and sweeteners.

    In case you prefer to take this food supplement as a refreshing drink, Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA comes in powder instead of tablets or capsules.

    Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA plays a key role in various psychological functions.

    Among other things, Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA contributes to:

    • Proper maintenance of bones and teeth, and 100% healthy muscle function.
    • Proper absorption and normal use of calcium and phosphorus.
    • Proper function of the important immune system.

    For whom is this beneficial food supplement recommended?

    • For people who seek for a daily food supplement.
    • For people who prefer powdered drinks instead of pills or capsules.
    • For both young and old generations.

    Nutrition facts per serving (5 g / flavor: lemon) of Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA:

    • 10 µg (400 iu) of vitamin D3.
    • Made in USA by BioTechUSA.
    • Contributes to the maintenance of bones.
    • Supports the function of the immune system.

    Components and format of Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA:

    Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA comes in a 150 g container.

    Among its ingredients we can find the following:

    • Inulin.
    • Flavorings.
    • Edible acid (citric acid).
    • Sweetener (sucralose).
    • Table salt.
    • Cholecalciferol.
    • Tartrazine: can adversely affect children's activities and care.

    Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA was manufactured in a food-processing plant. It contains milk, eggs, gluten, soy, shellfish, sulfur dioxide and nuts. So it may contain traces of them.

    Like all food supplements manufactured by BiotechUSA brand, Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA is made from safe and carefully selected ingredients.

    What is achieved by taking Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA?

    Those people who consume Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA are up to 20% less likely to suffer bone fractures when they fall. This is due to the other excellent function this food supplement provides: the proper absorption of calcium in bones.

    Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA daily stimulates the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus which are two of the most vital compounds for proper bone formation. That is why, it is essential to take Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA at very young ages.

    Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA adequately counteracts the aging process, which in turn improves the physical conditions of people who consume this food supplement, being strongly recommended for all people who do exercises regularly.

    Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA is also recommended to be consumed by people over 50 years of age, since at that age the ability to synthesize vitamin D is decreased.

    As for the question of what vitamin D3 provided by this food supplement is used for, it should be mentioned that when it is not absorbed through sunlight or is not consumed in the diet, osteoporosis can occur in adults, or even rickets in children.

    The lack of vitamin D3 provided by Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA tends to produce muscle spasms, as well as pain and possible discomfort in bones and joints.

    Recommended daily dose of Vitamin D3 from BioTechUSA:

    • Dissolve 1 serving (5 g = 1 tablespoon = 1 full teaspoon) in 100 ml of water, using a cocktail shaker.
    • Take once a day.
    • Do not exceed the recommended dose.
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