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Protein Cream - 400 g

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Protein Cream from Biotech USA is an extraordinary spreadable cream from totally natural origin, made from the highest quality peanut and cocoa. It has an excellent amount of protein, an incomparable flavor and 0 sugar, which allows to enjoy an exquisite sweet, and at the same time, is a healthy food to accompany your meals, desserts or snacks.

    • Gluten FreeGluten Free
    • Palm oil freePalm oil free

      Protein Cream from Biotech USA, the delicious cocoa cream with peanut that provides good amounts of protein, and makes you enjoy a rich and healthy food.

      One of the pleasures of life, for many people, is being able to enjoy a delicious sweet with which you can spend a pleasant moment, as a snack, between meals, etc. However, this practice in general (eating sweets regularly and at any time) is associated with unhealthy habits that can later damage your body's well-being. Protein Cream from Biotech USA is a protein supplement of natural origin, which is also an excellent cream for spreading, with a delicious flavor that you will certainly enjoy. It does not contain sugar or other artificial components that can affect your health.

      On the contrary, Protein Cream from Biotech USA is a totally healthy cream that, in addition to carrying protein for the development and maintenance of muscles, is also an excellent sweet that you can enjoy without the disadvantages of sugar. Protein Cream from Biotech USA is extremely versatile, since you can use it to accompany desserts, prepare delicious snacks, spread on bread, cookies, etc.; and even to eat directly from the container. In the way you prefer, Protein Cream from Biotech USA is a food you will enjoy from beginning to end.

      Essential aspects of Protein Cream from Biotech USA:

      • A delicious nutritious and healthy cream.
      • Use cocoa and peanuts of natural origin.
      • Does not contain added sugars.
      • Provides good amounts of protein per portion.
      • Ideal for healthy diets.
      • Allows to enjoy a delicious sweet after hours.
      • Perfect to accompany meals, snacks and desserts.
      • Has a delicious flavor.
      • Does not contain palm oil.
      • Supports muscle nutrition.
      • Helps the growth of muscles.
      • Does not contain gluten in the composition.
      • Does not contain artificial preservatives.
      • You can take it wherever you want to go.
      • Ready to eat whenever you want.

      What does Protein Cream from Biotech USA provide?

      Protein Cream from Biotech USA is a spreadable cream for any food you want, to prepare desserts or snacks; or eat directly. It is made from concentrate milk whey, a rich source of protein; cocoa and roasted peanuts of natural origin.

      Content per portion (15 g):

      • Has an energy value of 72 kcal.
      • Has 4.9 g of fat.
      • Contains 6.3 g of carbohydrates.
      • Provides 2.6 g of protein.

      Benefits of Protein Cream from Biotech USA:

      Protein Cream from Biotech USA is a delicious cream based on milk whey, cocoa and peanuts, which is the perfect alternative for you to enjoy a delicious sweet but without the disadvantages of sugar, since Protein Cream from Biotech USA contains 0 sugar. In addition, it provides excellent protein from a whey concentrate to support health and muscle maintenance.

      Protein Cream from Biotech USA is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy a delicious healthy sweet, without worrying about affecting your health.

      Recommended daily dose of Protein Cream from Biotech USA:

      • As a spreadable cream, eat as desired.
      • Recommended to consume no more than 15 g.
      • Can be eaten every day.

      Customer reviews: Protein Cream - 400 g

      22 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      The flavor and texture is nailed to the original nutella. The macros are very good and can be adjusted well in the diet.
      400 g
      Very low calorie protein cream and the truth is that it tastes very successful and rich, I recommend it
      400 g
      I liked it, to drink in the morning or at any moment of anxiety, it is very good.
      400 g
      The flavor is identical to the original Nutella, spectacular, one of the best creams I've bought without a doubt.
      400 g
      It is very similar to Nutella in texture and flavor although it is low in sugar and high in protein.
      400 g
      400 g
      If they tell me it's Nutella I believe it, it has a very good flavor and it tastes very natural. Very happy with the purchase.
      400 g
      Very successful, very sweet and the truth that enters through the mouth and through the senses. I liked it a lot
      400 g
      Good texture and flavor, but I like the one from vitobest better
      400 g
      It is better than the original nutela, what an outrage!
      400 g
      Good texture and flavor, but I like the one from vitobest better
      400 g
      Delicious, I spread them on oatmeal pancakes at breakfast and sometimes in the afternoon, full energy and a good option to add something sweet without exceeding calories.
      400 g
      I love this chocolate cream with proteins, it is very low in fat and carbohydrates, it has a caloric load but nothing to do with a nutella or something like that, it is very good to kill cravings without guilt :)
      400 g
      You know crazy! It's not Nutella but I can say that I like it the same hehe supplement very good
      400 g
      Good low-calorie cream when you fancy something sweet, the flavor is very successful, hazelnut flavor.
      400 g
      It is a cream that my son likes a lot, it is very similar to nocilla or more like nutella
      400 g
      Very rich, to be a fit product, the truth is that it is very successful, both in flavor and texture. Very good!
      400 g
      delicious protein cream that has nothing to envy the flavor of nutella but much cleaner
      400 g
      It is not the nutella lol but this good one has really surprised me, for the sweetest it comes in handy.
      400 g
      It is not the nutella lol but this good one has really surprised me, for the sweetest it comes in handy.
      400 g
      Questions and answers
      Los niños la pueden comer la crema?
      2021-11-09 22:51:58 Gomera
      hola gomera por supuesto que la pueden comer los niños pero recuerda los valores y no abusar siempre llevando una dieta equilibrada,un saludo
      2021-11-10 10:23:07 SALVA VALENCIA
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