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Protein chips - 25g

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Protein Chips by BiotechUSA are very rich in protein. Thanks to its fast-absorbing whey protein isolate, it can be an excellent supplement for your daily protein intake. Dare to nibble and spice up the moment! This product contributes to keep and increase your muscle tissue.

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    Protein Chips by BiotechUSA, high protein rice chips with whey protein isolate. Enjoy a healthy product!

    A football game, a party, or a movie, and you can't stop eating chips. As the bag empties, you are totally breaking your diet. So, it is gonna be difficult to be ready to achieve a fit body.

    This version is compatible with swimsuit and bikini! Protein Chips by BiotechUSA are as salty, light and crisp as chips that you have always loved. However, instead of empty calories, maximum pleasure is combined here with useful nutrients.

    The proteins provided by these BiotechUSA Protein Chips are an essential building block for our body, a source of nutrients composed of amino acids produced by our body and supplemented by external sources.

    Essential aspects of Protein Chips by BiotechUSA per serving (25 g) - pepper flavour (values ​​may vary according to flavour)

    • It provides 12 g of protein
    • It contains 2.5 g of fat
    • It has no added sugar
    • Its a source of dietary fiber
    • It does not contain preservatives
    • It has a delicious spicy taste

    Components and format of BiotechUSA Protein Chips

    This product is presented in a 25g container

    Among its ingredients, it has the following:

    • Whey Protein Isolate
    • Rice flour
    • Flavouring preparation
    • Colourant
    • Sunflower oil
    • Salt
    • Onion powder
    • Stabiliser (gum arabic)
    • Emulsifier (lecithins)
    • It may contain soy and eggs

    What do you get with Protein Chips by BiotechUSA?

    It is a very nutritious food supplement, which naturally helps to provide a series of nutrients to the diet, as well as energy. That is to say, a nutritional option to meet certain needs since they are precisely characterised by being quite energetic but caloric.

    Each container of Protein Chips by BiotechUSA provides 12 grams of quality protein from milk and peas to help you to maintain muscle mass.

    These delicious snacks are not fried, but baked. They are an excellent option if you simply want to have a snack without big amounts of sugar or carbohydrates.

    Main benefits of this exquisite product:

    • It is a delicious snack in individual bags for a healthy snack.
    • It has less than 100 calories per 25 gram bag.
    • It is very low in fat and are a good source of dietary fiber.
    • It is available in two delicious pepper or barbecue flavours.
    • It contains 3 individual units of 25 grams.

    These Protein Chips by BiotechUSA are also perfect for athletes, since they are very nutritious and provide a lot of energy. So, they are beneficial to enjoy while doing certain physical exercises.

    How are these Protein Chips by BiotechUSA taken?

    • It can be beneficial for your protein intake at any time.
    • It is recommended for you, if you want something delicious since it is a crunchy snack but healthy at the same time!

    Customer reviews: Protein chips - 25g

    5 Reviews
    4 stars
    my favorite is the barbecue, good appetizer to put from time to time in bad moment jjee of diet.
    Delicious snack without giving up the sweet and all very healthy I really liked the snacks
    Snack to take at any time, good carbohydrate and protein ratio.
    Snack to take at any time, good carbohydrate and protein ratio.
    Good snack, the barbecue is my favorite, it has few carbohydrates and more protein.
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