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Creator - 120 capsules

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Creator from BiotechUSA is a product with which you can experience another level of performance in your exercises, taking advantage of greater endurance, strength, energy and recovery. It contains 4 types of creatine, combined with vitamins and amino acids to strengthen your body and be prepared for a day of high-performance sport or training.

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    Fill your body with energy and empower yourself with this excellent product made by BiotechUSA. It has the most developed creatine formula.

    Creator from BiotechUSA is a sports supplement that integrates 4 types of creatine plus other stimulating ingredients. With this incredible combination, you will be able to accelerate your physical performance in an amazing way since you will increase your endurance and physical energy. In addition, your recovery will be optimized in short intervals, thus allowing you to do more exercises.

    Creator from BiotechUSA is a supplement that has brought to the market a new way of taking creatine in your sport life. In particular, it is the integration of different formulas of fast-absorption creatine, reason why the effects wanted are obtained fast and in a very efficient way, and as a result, your performance and strength in high-intensity trainings will increase considerably.

    With Creator from BiotechUSA, you can enjoy that decisive push you need to carry out those high-intensity training sessions you have always wanted. Overall, it will increase your intramuscular energy so that every movement is executed with the greatest capacity and intensity. This is known as hypertrophy and is excellent since it allows you to take more weight with more sets of exercises and repetitions, so your performance will reach adequate levels.

    Creator from BiotechUSA will also allow your muscles to recover in a matter of minutes, both between sets, and between workouts. With this, you will exercise more and more and with an excellent level of intensity. In addition, this supplement delays the onset of fatigue, so you will not give up halfway through. You will boost your motivation to focus on exploiting and/or developing your full potential in terms of muscle development.

    Creator from BiotechUSA is a multifaceted product since it has been prepared with 11 different active ingredients, among which you will find vitamin B6 and amino acids, which, specifically, intensify the energetic and stimulating effects of this product, and as a result, you will be stronger and more powerful. To top it all off, it also has no caffeine in order to protect you from side effects.

    Creator from BiotechUSA is a new-generation creatine highly recommended, for example, if you practice sports that demand energy fast, train with weights, or do HIT trainings. In fact, it is very easy to take as it comes in capsules, and in this way you save time in shake preparation.

    Facts of Creator from BiotechUSA

    • Integrates several creatine formulas.
    • With 11 active ingredients and stimulants.
    • Boosts your energy levels, endurance and strength.
    • Optimizes sports performance.
    • Suppress fatigue.
    • Promotes recovery.
    • Easy dosing, effective absorption.
    • Without caffeine.

    With Creator from BiotechUSA, you have it all. You will enjoy the best creatine, with the best concentration, variation, and absorption. You will experience a superior performance in your workouts; that's a fact!

    Recommended use: take 4-6 capsules, 30 minutes before training. On rest days, take 4-6 capsules, on an empty stomach, preferably with plenty of liquid. If you are under 80 kg in weigh, you should take 4 capsules, but if you are over 80 kg, then 6 capsules.

    Customer reviews: Creator - 120 capsules

    4 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    I have noticed a noticeable difference in strength, I am able to pull heavier, as well as fatigue less.
    With this blend of creatine and aminos I have noticed a significant difference in strength and recovery
    Creatine monohydrate is more than essential to obtain more muscle mass, strength and resistance
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