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Bcaa Elite - 120 caps

BCAA Elite from BiotechUSA includes in its formulation BCAAs that allow you to favor a faster development of the muscle tissues. In addition, it stimulates the process of protein synthesis in the muscles, improving the growth of muscle mass and optimizing the development of strength.

      BCAA Elite from BiotechUSA contains top quality active ingredients that will help prevent muscle catabolism.

      BCAA Elite from BiotechUSA has an innovative formula capable of improving sports performance and increasing muscle mass.

      This nutritional product belongs to the Elite Series developed by Biotech USA, it is formulated with high quality branched amino acids (BCAAs) and is further enhanced with HMB, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. These components possess properties that favor the process of decreasing the fat reserves that are in the abdominal area when this is combined with adequate physical activity reduce degradation of proteins during endurance training; optimize the activation of the amino acids necessary for the biosynthesis of proteins to occur; stimulate the production of hormones; improve the release of glycogen stored in the liver and in the muscles allowing an increase in muscle performance and energy production; collaborate in the transport of amino groups.

      BCAA Elite from BiotechUSA has in its formula L-leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine, which belong to the group of BCAAs which are an indispensable source for the body to stimulate the muscle protein pathway or, also called, mTOR pathway. Amino acids are blocks that combined form proteins and help build and conserve muscle mass. BCAAs are essential amino acids, that is, they can not be produced by the body but must be taken through food. Clinical studies indicate that BCAAs are essential for effective muscle development, muscle energy and recovery. In addition, they are highly bioavailable, providing energy continuously during training, while preventing muscle wasting. BioTechUSA has developed the new way to benefit sports nutrition. The Elite Series line from BioTechUSA in all of its formulations uses larger capsules than in similar products of the rest of the supplementation companies, so you no longer need to swallow several pills to achieve an effective dose. In addition, they are easy to swallow capsules for a better comfort.

      Facts of BCAA Elite from BiotechUSA

      • Promotes muscle growth and strength.
      • Improves the synthesis of proteins.
      • It is used by the body as a source of energy during training.
      • Prevents muscle catabolism.
      • Optimizes sports performance.

      BCAA Elite from BiotechUSA helps your body grow to see you as you always wanted. It stimulates the production of energy, the growth of muscles and strength.

      Recommended use: as a dietary supplement for healthy adults, it is recommended to take five capsules per day after training.

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