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Arthro Guard - 340 g

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Arthro Guard from BioTechUSA is a food supplement whose components support the locomotion. It contains glucosamine, chondroitin, herbal extracts, and MSM. These ingredients strengthen the connective tissues of the body, especially those that are part of the joints. Thanks to this, it relieves discomfort and improves the recovery capacity of various injuries.

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    Arthro Guard from BioTechUSA is an ideal improvement for your joints. Relieve pain and discomfort and keep always very active! It has no sugar or gluten.

    Arthro Guard from BioTechUSA is a food supplement with 100% natural ingredients that support the functioning of the locomotion. Its components relieve pains and various joint discomforts, strengthening them and promoting excellent recovery in the event of injury. It also strengthens muscles and bones.

    What are the characteristics of Arthro Guard from BioTechUSA?

    • Relieves and strengthens the joints.
    • Allows you to have an active life.
    • Supports bones and muscles.
    Ingredients and format of Arthro Guard from BioTechUSA:

    Arthro Guard from BioTechUSA comes in a bottle containing 340 g of food supplement powder.

    Each dose (17 g) provides the following content:

    • 6000 mg of hydrolyzed collagen.
    • 1500 mg of glucosamine sulfate.
    • 200 mg of turmeric root extract that includes 190 g of curcuminoid, and 245 mg of boswelia serrata (159 mg of boswellic acid and 500 mg of garfico plant with 20 mg of harpagoside).
    • 500 mg of collagen.
    • 1200 mg of chondroitin sulfate.
    • 80 mg of vitamin C.
    • 2000 mg of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane).
    • 500 mg of calcium.
    • 420 mg of eggshell membrane powder.

    Why should you take Arthro Guard from BioTechUSA?

    Arthro Guard from BioTechUSA is a food supplement with therapeutic benefits that will work wonders for your joints. It contains collagen, glucosamine, MSM, turmeric, vitamin C, and chondroitin, 100% natural ingredients that will strengthen your joints and that will preserve your locomotion capacity in optimal condition. This will allow you to effectively relieve discomfort in your body's joints and also maintain an active lifestyle. Train or take care of your multiple liabilities, knowing that you will have a wonderful natural reinforcement.

    You can trust that Arthro Guard from BioTechUSA has everything you need. It contains glucosamine sulfate, an excellent element to promote the regeneration of the cartilage that is part of the joints. It has the power to stimulate its elasticity, and thus prevent them from wearing away. This is also promoted by chondroitin that favors the proper hydration of these tissues, which is essential for them to retain their flexibility.

    In the same way, Arthro Guard from BioTechUSA contains MSM, meaning methylsulfonylmethane, a biological form of sulfur that is essential for collagen production. This component has anti-inflammatory virtues and favors the condition of the hair and nails. To these effects are added the vitamin C that is necessary for collagen production, a protein that strengthens the connective tissues, cartilage and that naturally improves the elasticity of the skin. It has been made in a healthy way, without sugar, lactose or wheat.

    Recommended daily dose of Arthro Guard from BioTechUSA:

    • Dissolve 17 g (3 heaped tablespoons) in 350 g of water or a drink or shake.
    • Take only one dose per day.

    Customer reviews: Arthro Guard - 340 g

    3 Reviews
    The supplement, for those looking for something that acts fast, begins to work after a month of continuous use. On the other hand, at least in me, I have noticed a clear relief from the discomfort I suffered, but these have not completely disappeared.
    Although it alleviates certain discomforts with continued use, it does not completely eliminate them. The dissolution is quite difficult and the flavor, at least that of apricot, is quite bad and costs a lot to drink. Remarkable product, but I think there are better ones on the market.
    It is one of the most complete supplements for the improvement and care of our joints thanks to its remarkable formulation. Although it is not miraculous and will not completely eliminate our annoyances, as its time of use progresses those small injuries that we may have begin to be greatly alleviated.
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